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The Best Podcasts for Traders and Investors

by Jason Smith

Alongside prominent entertainment options, such as gaming, podcasts are a go-to choice for so many people. In fact, the podcast industry has witnessed dramatic growth, with listeners being able to dip in and out of productions through a variety of technology-based products, be it a smartphone device or a laptop.

For people with an interest in trading and investing, there are some fascinating productions in this category that will help them expand their knowledge, some of which are by thought leaders who have been on their own journeys in this engrossing area. The sheer amount of podcasts is actually remarkable, although some are certainly better than others. Additionally, some productions are more focused on investing in gold and stocks, while others tend to be geared toward trading.

Podcasts are certainly a great tool. Of course, there are a plethora of useful online resources that are available to access, but nothing can trump experience. Thankfully, for people with an interest in this area, top trading platforms will allow you to practice with a demo account by offering you the chance to trade stocks, indices, and loads more in real time without risking any real money. It’s, therefore, a thriving podcast genre for people who are ready to trade for real but want to gain an insight into the trading and investing landscape before immersing themselves in it.

So, if you’re keen to explore some invaluable productions that are captivating audiences everywhere, then below is a look at some of the best podcasts for traders and investors.

Mad Money with Jim Cramer is one of the best options around 

It’s an engaging listen; Jim Cramer certainly doesn’t hold back in this one. With episodes lasting around 45 minutes and being released on weekdays, Mad Money with Jim Cramer is a well-liked podcast for many, with the charismatic host providing people with an intriguing look at Wall Street and educating them on the positives and negatives of a money-making journey. With passionate opinions and callers asking for Cramer’s views on which stocks to buy, sell, and hold, this well-received podcast warrants some serious attention. Cramer sometimes gets a bit of stick on social media for getting calls wrong, but that’s not really what the pod is about. It’s about getting an insight into the movers and shakers of the traditional finance world.

Motley Fool Money will help you make sound financial decisions 

Hosted by respected investors Scott Phillips and Andrew Page, Motley Fool Money will help you make sound financial decisions thanks to tips from two professionals who have clearly done well for themselves. With a strong focus on the latest finance and investing news in Australia, this absorbing production is well worth following as it will enable you to keep on top of the latest developments in this ever-changing environment. Both Phillips and Page share their expertise in every episode, with the dedicated and loyal community of listeners clearly reaping the rewards from their evident know-how. Also featuring guest appearances from investment analysts, Motley Fool Money is a fantastic podcast.

Money Talk with Patrick focuses on the mental side of wealth creation

Of course, deciding to throw yourself into the world of trading and investing comes with its own mental challenges that many people in this area aim to navigate. Money Talk with Patrick does an excellent job of looking at this side of things in more detail by producing a wonderful blend of content around trading and investing, but also by looking at the fortitude people need to create wealth for themselves.

Money For the Rest of Us covers a variety of topics 

While some podcasts in this sphere tend to focus on one or two specific areas of finance, Money For the Rest of Us covers a variety of topics as the host, David Stein, takes listeners on a financial journey through an extensive selection of typical talking points in this detailed area of interest. Whether you’re a finance expert or you’re a newcomer to it, Stein does an excellent job of giving you the lowdown on a wide range of topics, such as stock investing, index funds, personal finance, and retirement accounts. With episodes taking around 30 minutes to listen to and being released every Wednesday, Money For the Rest of Us is the perfect production to accompany you on your morning commute to work or while working out in the gym.

The Peter Schiff Show Podcast is the work of a highly respected thinker 

In the world of trading and investing, it certainly helps if you’re able to draw upon the experience of respected professionals who have been there and done it. An economist and financial broker, Peter Schiff immediately fits the bill in that respect, as the revered, but sometimes controversial, professional releases 45-minute episodes that provide a number of benefits to his community of listeners. Schiff clearly knows what he is talking about and looks at global financial markets to enable his audiences to make more educated decisions. While also looking at areas like the pre-election stock market and the U.S. national debt, The Peter Schiff Show Podcast is one of the best productions in this area.

The Money Puzzle covers it all 

One of the most appealing aspects of discovering a new podcast is that you learn about a diverse range of things from clever people. The Money Puzzle is, therefore, a standout podcast from this particular genre as it does a remarkable job of educating its large audience on everything from finance news and money to property and business. With Australia’s Wealth Editor James Kirby leading proceedings, listeners are able to make the most of an engrossing podcast that takes a detailed look at a comprehensive selection of topics.

A Trader’s Life features stories from successful traders

Hosted by Nicholas Penrake, A Trader’s Life features stories from successful traders who have embarked on various escapades in this area and share numerous stories to enlighten people with similar aspirations. From looking at how they started out on their journey to how they managed to create a huge income for themselves, A Trader’s Life is easily one of the top podcasts in this category.

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