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7 TV Personalities That Have Been Spotted at Cheltenham

by Jason Smith

Cheltenham Festival is closing in on us, which means the internet is abuzz with predictions and debates. Not on who’s actually going to win the races, but which famous TV personalities are going to be turning up to watch!

Okay, so that’s not strictly true, most of the chatter is about what’s going to happen on race day, but we thought we’d break it up a little by catering to all the celebrity gossip fans as well as the sporting fans.

Every year, dozens of celebrities show up to enjoy the Cheltenham races, including both reality TV personalities and high-profile actors. Below, we’re going to take a look at the most prestigious stars who have visited the festival in recent years and who – we predict – might be making another appearance in 2024.

Carol Vorderman

One surefire spectator has to be Countdown legend Carol Vorderman, who is a known horse racing enthusiast. She appeared on day two of the festival in 2023, and was seen having a nice little chat with Matt Hancock on the hospitality suite balcony. Needless to say, Matt Hancock is not one of the other TV personalities appearing on this list.

Chris Karmara MBE

Another TV and sporting legend is Chris Karmara, who made a name for himself both as a pro football player and pundit. He’s most recognised for the famous phrase: ‘I don’t know, Jeff!’ But when it comes to predicting the winners at Cheltenham Festival, we all hope that Karmara does know.

Mike Tindall

Sticking with sports stars, Mike Tindall is another TV personality and rugby player who often makes an appearance at Cheltenham. Viewers will know him as one of the players during England’s successful Rugby World Cup tournament in 2023. That, or the time he ate bugs on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

Mary Berry

You can’t beat a bit of Mary Berry. Known for her encouraging, motherly nature on The Great British Bake Off, Berry can often be found rating the cakes served in the hospitality suite. She’s the number one TV personality tipped to appear in 2024 – yes, that’s a thing – but whether or not she’ll turn up is anyone’s guess.

Richard Hammond

As a presenter on The Grand Tour, it’s not often that Richard Hammond has the time to enjoy a weekend in the UK. But if he does, it’s likely that he’ll spend it watching the races at Cheltenham. Because his wife, Mindy, is an enthusiastic horse owner – with notable horses including the Venetia Williams-trained Farinet –  Hammond not only watches the action, but participates in it too.

Georgia Toffolo

It was seven years ago now that Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo won I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!, but she’s sealed herself into the hearts of the British people ever since. In 2022, Toffolo experienced success of her own at Cheltenham Festival, winning over £37,000 on a £5,000 bet. She claimed it was beginner’s luck, but we don’t think that’ll stop her coming back to the festival in 2024 to have another go!

Idris Elba

We’ve got to end this article with the big guns. Known for his incredible performances in Apple TV’s Hijack, Luther, and leading roles in movies like Beasts of No Nation and Bastille Day, Idris Elba is a Cheltenham Festival high-flyer that was last spotted during Gold Cup day in 2023. Once again, whether he’ll make another appearance in 2024 is anyone’s guess, but so long as his calendar’s not booked filming the next James Bond – come on, Eon Productions, make it happen! – there’s a good chance he’ll be there.

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