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Master online slots: Top tips and strategies to utilise

by Dave Elliott

There are many ways to make the most out of slot gaming and casino platforms.

This article will list ten top tips and strategies to help new and experienced players improve their gaming experience.

Top tips and strategies for online slot gaming

  1.     Find out what you want out of a slot game

Your slot gaming experience will be considerably improved if you find out what your gaming preferences are.

For example, do you like traditional slot games or do you prefer innovative slot games? Do you have a preference in terms of slot themes?

Do you like it when a game has multiple paylines or do you prefer when a game has a smaller amount of paylines? Do you enjoy high volatility games more than low volatility games?

It will be hard for you to find out what you like and what you prefer in a slot game if you have never tried playing before.

However, if you know what you like, use that knowledge to find the right slot games and providers for you.

This will make slot gaming a lot more enjoyable for you.

  1.     Use free games to find out what your slot gaming preferences are

If you’re not sure what your slot gaming preferences are, use free games to find out.

Most online casino providers have a selection of free slot games, also known as demo games or, sometimes, free trials. These free games are usually available to both a provider’s existing customers and potential clients.

Customers can use those free games to try out a large variety of slot games. Make sure you try slot games with different: 

  •     Themes
  •     Volatility
  •     Hidden bonuses
  •     Number of paylines
  •     Rules
  •     Visuals, sounds and storylines
  •     Number of reels
  •     Payout mechanisms
  •     Jackpot progressions
  •     Online casino providers

Free games are not only great opportunities for players to try out new games, but they are also great for testing out different online casino providers and platforms.

Players can use free games to see if they enjoy an online casino’s services. If they’re happy they can open an account with that provider and start depositing real money.

By doing so, they will gain access to all of the casino’s games.

  1.     Choose an official and recognised casino platform

Slot gaming is great when you play with an official casino provider.

Make sure you choose a provider that is trustworthy, offers a great gaming selection, and a well-built and easy to access gaming platform like Virgin Games where you can try out all these slot tips.

  1.     A good internet connection and a safe casino platform 

This might sound obvious, but a good internet connection is an essential when playing online games.

If you do not have a stable connection, try to opt for a different internet provider to make the most out of your online gaming experience.

If you decided to opt for an unknown casino provider (which we do not recommend), make sure their platform is somewhat safe to use.

For example, a secure internet page should be encrypted. Your personal information should also be stored properly, and your credit card details handled responsibly by the provider.

To avoid any bad surprises, we recommend opting for a well-known casino platform.

  1.     Make the most out of discounts and welcome offers 

Most online casinos offer welcome discounts and bundles to their new customers. These might include free spins, free games, cashback on your initial deposit, and more.

New gamers should make the most out of them. Existing customers should keep an eye out on any new offers that their provider has.

  1.     Look at the RTP 

Looking at RTPs is a must for slot players. This percentage tells players how much they can make back on their initial deposit when playing a specific game.

For example, if a slot game’s RTP is 98%, players know that they could make back around 98% of their initial funds when playing this game.

The higher the RTP, the more money players can earn back. However, this RTP is only accurate when playing repeatedly.

In other words, you will need to play a considerable number of times to actually make back what the RTP indicates.

  1.     Volatility 

If you want to take some risks and either lose everything or win big, look for a game with high volatility. If you want to limit your losses and win a little something, look for a game with lower volatility.

  1.     Free spins and multipliers 

Although free spins and multipliers can be hard to unlock, a game with these features tends to be more entertaining than a game without them. Again, this will depend on your personal preferences.

Some players love free spins and multipliers, others do not care so much for them. That being said, they can really increase your winnings.

  1.     Learn from other players 

Online platforms usually give you access to chat rooms where you can get tips and advice on specific slot games from other players. Use those options to learn from other players.

  1. Look at ratings and reviews 

Do not forget to look at ratings and reviews when picking a slot game. This can make your entire experience more enjoyable.

Final thoughts 

This article provided 10 tips and tricks to make the most out of slot gaming.

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