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WALL-E Movie Review

by Daryl

Well, yesterday I rushed to the cinema to see the highly anticipated Wall-E, Pixars latest movie, starring the cutest robot since Johnny 5.  Once again Pixar has made a masterpiece of a movie, beautiful animation that really stuns the viewer, coupled with an immersive fast paced story that keeps you involved right until the end.  I won’t go into details of the story, as too many review sites give away plots, but I will say that his movie is worth the hype, and more.  As with all Pixar movies, a short animated story opens the movie, and if you can watch that without laughing till your popcorn shoots outta your mouth and hits the poor people sitting in front of you, then I’d be amazed!

I loved this movie so much, that today I even found myself buying this (see image below).  A Wall-E figure that compacts to his box form and with a button push or two pops up lol.  First real big summer movie for me, I look forward to getting the Blu-Ray when its released.

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