Stargate Atlantis Cancelled!

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21 Aug 08

Kinda surprised by this… After 5 seasons, Stargate Atlantis has been canned, despite being one of the best performers for US Sci Fi channel.

Sci Fi have however commisioned a 2hr Atlantis tv/dvd movie, so it’s possible they’re just finding the shows too expensive to shoot, and recent SG-1 movies (Ark of Truth and Continuum) have shown it’s more cost effective to make the 2hr specials.

There’s also no word yet on what this does to the pitched 3rd series, Stargate: Universe. On the plus side, they said they’d only want to start it after Atlantis finished. On the minus, if money is an issue, surely that’s still an issue with a new show…

There’s an official press release due from MGM sometime in the next 24hrs, so hopefully we’ll have more answers then.

With the MMORPG Stargate: Worlds due out next year, i can’t see the Stargate brand vanishing totally anytime soon.