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Warhammer Online NDA Lifted!

by Dave Elliott

And so it came to pass, thousands upon thousands of eager Warhammer fans that weren’t lucky enough to get into beta rejoice as Youtube fills with Warhammer Online Beta videos!

Although we got pulled back to Azeroth temporarily after the whole Conan fiasco, we will be heading for the realms of WAR in September to check out what maybe WoW’s toughest competitor yet. Still not sure what to play, but looking at Dwarf Engineer for Empire, and Squig Herder for Greenskins…

Warhammer Online Character Creation

Warhammer Online: Dwarf Engineer

Click here for Dwarf Engineer part 2

Warhammer Online: Goblin Squig Herder!

There’s a whole bunch more stuff floating around out there, so go have a look!

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