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Stargate: Universe Is Opening 2009!

by Dave Elliott
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Stargate: Universe, Opening 2009

As the old saying goes, ‘When one Stargate closes, another one opens’…

After yesterday’s news that Stargate: Atlantis wasn’t getting picked up for a 6th season, according to hollywoodreporter, SCIFI have greenlit a 3rd Stargate series Stargate: Universe which will lanch with a 2 hour season opener in 2009.

After unlocking the mystery of the Stargate’s ninth chevron, a team of explorers travels to an unmanned starship called the Destiny, launched by The Ancients at the height of their civilization as a grand experiment set in motion, but never completed.

What starts as a simple reconnaissance turns into a never ending mission, as the Stargate Universe crew discovers the ship is unable to return to Earth, and they must now fend for themselves aboard the Destiny.

The crew will travel to the far reaches of the universe, connecting with each of the previously launched Stargates, thus fulfilling the Destiny’s original mission.

Challenges will arise though as the ship comes into range of Stargates placed centuries ahead of the Destiny, but only for a brief period of time before carrying on with its pre-programmed navigational schedule. If someone is left behind, there is no way to go back for them, adding to the drama of encountering new races, enemies and adventures.

Stargate: Voyager anyone ;) (Ooh, or Stargate: The Littlest Hobo… *maybe tomorrow, i’ll want to settle down, maybe tomorrow, i’ll just keep movin’ on…*) :D

Still, it’s an interesting new direction for franchise. MGM are said to be looking for a ‘known actor’ for the lead (like they did with Richard Dean Anderson on SG-1). They’re also not looking to shift characters from Atlantis or SG-1 over, which makes sense, given they want to keep both those shows running on DVD. The whole point of SG:U is you can’t just nip back to the SGC (which kinda would make it hard for any existing cast to suddenly pop up in a DVD movie if they’re supposed to be stuck billions of light years away on an uncontrollable ancient starship!)

Glad to see Stargate is coming back to TV sooner rather than later!

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