Team Fortress 2’s Sniper Gets An Update

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13 May 09
TF2's sniper gets some new toys

TF2's sniper gets some new toys

I’ve kinda been off Team Fortress 2 for a while, but I’ve recently been thinking I might pay it another look. Following the Doctor, Scout, Pyro & Heavy updates, Valve have finally got round to the Sniper. Everyone’s favourite long distance psycho-murdering Aussie, is getting himself a brand new bow and arrow set to play with. You might think a bow and arrow is a bit of a step down from his trusty rifle, however, the arrows do have the added advantage that they’ll also stick the target to a nearby wall! And if that doesn’t kill them, the poor punctured soul will then have to spend the rest of the game with pointy arrow-shaped proof that they need to learn to duck and dive more sticking out of them.

For more info on the Sniper update here.