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Star Wars Uncut – Remaking Star Wars

by Dave Elliott

Star Wars: A New Hope is getting a remake! And before you all let out a Darth Vadian ‘NooOOOooooo!’, it’s not another ploy by Mr. Lucas to get us to buy the original trilogy again (…and again). He’s saving that for the 3D versions. ;)

This is a remake by fans, who are basically sweding the whole of A New Hope. What’s interesting is how they’re doing it. Rather than just a couple of guys in stormtrooper masks, the coordinators of the Star Wars Uncut project have split the movie into 15 second chunks, and are allocating them to fans and aspiring film makers via their website. They are then taking all the 15 second chunks, and stitching them together into the final movie.

I really love this idea. It’s wonderfully geeky, creative, and involves Star Wars, what’s not to like! I’m just hoping they don’t attract the wrath of the LucasArts legal dept. If your interested in being a part of it, head over to starwarsuncut.com and claim a section for yourself! Trailer below.

Star Wars: Uncut Trailer from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

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