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I love it when a plan comes together…

by Dave Elliott

The A Team Trailer 2 has been floating around the net since yesterday, but it’s so awesome I felt it deserved posting, just in case you haven’t seen it yet.

It’s over the top and totally silly… and completely as it should be! I am wondering if we’ll still get treated to people being shot at and blown up, but then getting up and dusting themselves off like we had in the tv show… ;)

The A Team is released in the US on June 11, 2010 (not sure on the UK release date yet), and features cameos from original A Teamers Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz. The movie stars Liam Neeson (Hannibal), Bradley Cooper (Face), Sharlto Copley (Murdock), Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson (BA), and Jessica Biel (Lt. Carissa Sosa). I can’t wait!

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