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Robot Chicken Season 4 & Titan Maximum Review

by Dave Elliott

Robot Chicken Season 4

Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken is back with it’s 4th Season, and the quality just gets stronger each time it comes back! From the opening episode that guest stars Joss Whedon, Ron Moore and Seth MacFarlane, through to the episode with cocaine fuelled Powerpuff Girls and the one with Dick Cheney as Iron Man (now there’s a frighting prospect!)

Each show may only be 12 minuites long, but they’re rammed full of more geek and pop culture references than you can shake an 80’s He-Man action figure at. Gag’s coming at you so quickly it’s easy to miss one, and end up going back to watch it again.

The DVD also contains some excellent commentaries from creators Seth Green & Matthew Senreich along with a host of guest stars from the various episodes, and some entertaining footage from the San Diego Comic-Con ‘08 and New York Comic Con ‘09 Panels.

9/10 – Funny, brilliant, and geeking awesome!

Titan Maximum Season 1

The creators of Robot Chicken are here to prove that leaving the fate of the world in the hands of idiot kids really ain’t that good a plan…



TITAN MAXIMUM is a riff on those japanese Power Rangers type ‘Saturday morning’ shows, but TITAN FORCE FIVE (the team that command the mighty Titan Maximum robot) are nothing like the teams you’ve seen before…

There’s Palmer (Breckin Meyer) – the dashing, if a bit dumb, leader with an ego the size of a planet. Sasha (Eden Espinosa) – the presidents (kinda slutty, and as subtle as a sonic boom) daughter. Jodi (Rachael Leigh Cook) – Cheerful and determined, but full of self doubt (not helped by Sasha costaint ribbing). Willie (Dan Milano) – Younger brother of Palmer, but with none of his smooth charm, he’s a lifelong super-nerd who’s suddenly living the dream. And finally Leon – He’s a monkey… Titan Force’s former monkey butler to be exact.

When a once peaceful solar system is threatened by a genocidal madman (voiced by Seth Green), the dispanded TITAN FORCE FIVE commanding the mighty TITAN MAXIMUM are pulled out of their enforced ‘retirement’ to save the day.

It’s robo-bashing, laser-blasting, monkey-flying, sometimes naked spacefaring action and adventure as only the creators of Emmy award winning ROBOT CHICKEN can deliver!

8/10 – Robo-bashing, monkey-flying, spacefaring action!

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