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Best Idea for a TV Spinoff

by Andrew
Best Idea for a TV Spinoff

Best Idea for a TV Spinoff

In the last poll, we asked you who would make the best Twelfth Doctor.

I feel that the character could do with being a bit older (in human years) and personally feel that Don Warrington would make a fantastic Doctor, but it appears that youth was favoured in the poll results.

Being Human’s Hal (Damien Moloney) came first, followed closely by Merlin (Colin Morgan). Is it because they are the youngest, or because they are the two most recently on television? Who knows, but it would now appear that Matt Smith is to be returning for at least another series, so we will need to wait a bit longer…


Now, to the next poll. It is quite clear that spinoffs, sequels, prequels and remakes pervade into television as much as films. Sometimes they work very well (Frasier), and other times not so much (Joey). I’ve cobbled together a few suggestions for spinoffs and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to vote for the idea you like best.



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