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Review – FlexiShield Wave Case for The Google Nexus 7

by Dave Elliott
FlexiShield Wave Case

FlexiShield Wave Case

We were sent the FlexiShield Wave Case for the Nexus 7 by mobilefun.com a while a go, as we’d just got a Nexus in the office and I thought it’d be good to have a case to keep it safe… The problem is, the FlexiShield isn’t a whole lot of help in that regard… Yes, I guess it could be argued the FlexiShield will protect the back from scratches, but so would wrapping it down on a towel – and a towel at least would feel nice. Unlike the FlexiShield, which feels like a horribly cheap bit of plastic… To be fair… It is a horribly cheap bit of plastic…

Ultimately, I just found it a bit pointless. If i buy a ‘case’, I expect it to ‘encase’ the object I wanted it for. The FlexiShield offers no protection to the front, minimal protection to the back and sides, and doesn’t even improve the grip in any meaningful way. I was actually asked to remove it by a co-worker, as he said he’d rather hold the normal Nexus, than the cheap plastic feel of the FlexiShield.

Should also mention, the packaging was appalling too. I know that ultimately doesn’t have any actual bearing on the product itself, but it does give you some insight into the type of shoddy product it’s going to be… Even at £9.99 they’re asking too much for it.

2/10 – Horrible. Tacky. Cheap. Avoid.

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