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New poll – new programme ideas

by Andrew
new programme ideas

New programme ideas!

Once more unto the breach…

In the last poll, the winner, perhaps unsurprisingly, was a Sons of Anarchy prequel, based on the story of the original nine members (including John Teller). Good news folks, this one is actually in the planning. Kurt Sutter hinted recently at this very idea, suggesting he would take a year off between the end of SOA after series 7, and the start of this very prequel.

A motorcycle themed programme set in the early seventies is likely to draw some comparisons with the likes of Easy Rider, but this is one spinoff that sounds really exciting.

Perhaps a little more surprising was the second place – a touch less likely than the SOA spinoff – and that being a CSI set in Dundee. Ignoring the fact that CSI is an American franchise and Dundee is in Britain, and that it arguably doesn’t have the same screen presence of Las Vegas, New York or Miami, cast it right, give it a Killing-esque grainy hue (but not wet as Dundee is one of the sunniest places in Scotland), inject a bit of political intrigue (Dundee and its neighbouring Angus are, I believe, the only two local councils to be subjected to an SNP majority at the moment), and it could work…. (breath not being held!)

So, on to the next one. New television programmes take their inspiration from all manner of sources – films, other television programmes, books, real-life stories and so on. Some remake them wholesale, and others contain more subtle nods. From the following list, which do you think could be turned into a great new television programme?

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