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Geektown Awards 2013 – Winner: Best TV Show – Returning US Drama 2013

by Dave Elliott

Every year we get a slew of new dramas from the US, but we also had the return of a number of shows we love. Dexter bowed out this year, but the serial killer with a code only manged to make it to 5th place on the chart, taking 10.3% of the vote. 4th place went to Homeland, which returned for a 3rd season, taking 12.4% of the vote. The top 2 spots in this category were battling it out right up to the wire, but there can be only one winner…

3rd – The Walking Dead


Picking up it’s 2nd top 3 Award spot with 16.4%, The Walking Dead is a great mix of drama, complex characters… and of course, zombies. The mid-season break left things in disarray for the group, leaving us to wait patiently for the show’s return in Feb 2014…

2nd – Breaking Bad

With 21% of the vote, it’s the one, the only… Breaking Bad. Truly one of the best tv shows ever made, but just beaten into 2nd place, possibly due to it only airing on Netflix in the UK. If you don’t have a Netflix account, this is the reason to get one (well, this and Kevin Spacey’s amazing House of Cards). Breaking Bad is a superbly constructed drama of how an average high school chemistry teacher becomes ‘Heisenberg’, one of America’s most wanted and notorious meth suppliers. Dramatic, funny, and brutal at times, it deserves all the praise that you hear people give it, and if you’ve not caught up with the show yet, I urge you to seek it out. You won’t be disappointing. The video above shows a rater entertained ‘alternative’ ending to the show… ;)

1st – Game Of Thrones


Taking it’s second 1st place Award with 23.9% is the epic Game of Thrones. Shooting across 5 countries to create the lands of Essos and Westeros, on screen, bringing the show to tv is no small task! The production is so bit, I’m told that when they are ‘in residence’ at their main studio on Ireland, you can’t set foot in Dublin Airport without tripping over a GoT crew or cast member. ;) I can’t wait for it to return to our tellie boxes in April 2014, but what I really want to see is that annoying little blonde haired spawn of Satan, Joffrey, get his comeuppance! (Warning: Season 3 spoilers in the video!)

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