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Geektown Awards 2013 – Winner: Best TV Show – Fantasy/Supernatural 2013

by Dave Elliott

We’re back with more winners of the Geektown Awards 2013. This time it’s Best TV Show – Fantasy/Supernatural 2013. Taking 5th place is newcomer Sleepy Hollow with 6.8% of the final vote (just beating Grimm by 0.8%!), and in 4th place is True Blood with 7.3%. As you’ll see from the top 3, there was 2 shows that dominated this category, with one clear winner…

3rd – Supernatural


9 seasons in, and still going strong, the brilliant Supernatural takes 3rd place with 9.6% of the vote. Season 8 saw some interesting changes to the show, with the introduction of Sam & Dean’s ‘batcave’ the ‘Men of Letters’ HQ. As always with this show, it ended on an epic cliffhanger, which I won’t spoiler here (but don’t watch the video above if you don’t want to know!) Episode 20 of season 9 will serve as a backdoor pilot for a potential spin-off series starring a new character, which to us, is signally that the main show may be looking to wrap things up after the 10th season. Only time will tell, but until then, we just have the stupidly long wait till the Summer for season 9 to air in the UK… thanks Sky Living *wanders off mumbling something about not trusting them to schedule a dentist appointment let alone a tv channel*

2nd – The Walking Dead


One of those tv show where no actor is safe (except maybe Andrew Lincoln), no matter how beloved or high profile his or her character is. The Walking Dead takes 2nd place with 18.5% of the vote. The show is currently on mid-season break, but when it returns, we’re getting the new episodes just 1 day behind the US air date! Thank you Fox UK! Sky Living, take note… ;) The Walking Dead returns 10th February 2014 at 10:00pm on Fox UK.

1st – Game of Thrones

Speaking of shows where no actor is safe… The epic Game of Thrones takes the top spot with a massive 33.3% of the final vote, and well deserved it is too! This show is probably responsible for more shocking moments in tv drama than any other on air right now. From season 1’s finale, to season 3’s infamous ‘red wedding’ scene, GoT is a show that’s never afraid to smack you round the head with some amazing “OMG… did they… holy…” moments! Stunningly shot, and brilliantly acted, no other show really lives up to being described as ‘epic’ better than Game of Thrones! GoT will return to Sky Atlantic in April 2014. (spoiler warning – if you’ve not seen season 3 yet, DON’T watch the video above!)

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