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Geektown Podcast 26: Mike Diskett – Satellite Reign

by Dave Elliott

In this week’s podcast, we’re talking to veteran games developer Mike Diskett. Mike used to work at Peter Molyneux’s Bullfrog where he helped develop the classic PC and Amiga game Syndicate, and was lead on the follow up, Syndicate Wars. Since those days, he’s worked across the industry on games such Theme Park, StartopiaGrand Theft Auto IV and Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes. Now based in Australia with his own company (Five Lives Studios), he’s developing a new game, which most people consider to be the ‘spiritual successor’ to the Syndicate series – Satellite Reign.

After a sucessful Kickstarter campaign, Satellite Reign is due to arrive on Steam Early Access in December 2014, where you’ll be able guide your own team of agents to help free the masses from the stranglehold of the mega-corporations… or to take control for yourself…

For more info, visit satellitereign.com

Geektown Podcast 26: Mike Diskett – Satellite Reign

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