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Breaking down the Star Wars : The Force Awakens Trailer 3

by Dave Elliott

Having taken a bit of time to recover from the epic Star Wars Trailer release, lets take a closer look at it shot-by-shot and see if we can shed some more light on things shall we…


The first shot is of course, Daisy Ridley’s ‘Rey’ (last name as yet unconfirmed… but, let’s face it, probably Skywalker or Solo) as she he’d off on a scavenger hunt inside what appears to be a downed Imperial Star Destroyer…


A bit of background – The ship is most likely to be the Inflictor, which was crashed onto the surface of the desert world of Jakku… If you thought Tatooine was a desolate dust bowel, it’s like party central compared to this ‘worthless floating rock’… So worthless in fact, that a year after Luke, Han & Leia partied with some Ewoks, the remains of the Empire (who weren’t all defeated at the end of RoJ) decide, in a desperate last ditch attempt for any kind of win, that not even the New Republic would bother sending a full military force to stop them capturing this pointless dust ball… They miscalculated… Badly… The Battle of Jakku basically ended the Empire and forced them to surrender and sign a peace treaty…

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 16.56.42

“Who are you?” asks the voice over (which we think is Maz Kanata played by Lupita Nyong’o). “I’m no one” she says… A likely story… ;)


Here we see Rey seemingly frustrated as a ship takes off in the distance. Possibly cursing the fact she’s stuck in a gigantic sandpit in a backwards corner of the galaxy maybe? That sounds familiar…

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 17.00.38

Next we move to John Boyega’s Finn (again no last name. Wonder why that is…). “I was raised to do one thing!” he explains… Well, given he’s wearing a Stormtrooper outfit, and appears to be stood in an Imperial base of some description, it’s a fairly safe bet that’s Stormtroopering… (yes, that’s totally a word…)


Given these are the next two shots, anyone else think he may have upset someone on the Star Destroyer and legged it in a TIE Fighter, only to be shot down and crash onto…


…yep, it’s that’s worthless dust ball Jakku again.


Back into space, and we see what appears to be Kylo Ren overseeing the shooting of some sort of large laser. What’s the betting that is coming from the large Pokemon ball looking thing on the poster? It’s thought that’s actually Starkiller Base, the a converted ice planet which is home of the Empire’s replacement, The First Order.


And here’s a close up of that Kylo’s mask. Somewhat Vadery as you’d expect. Kylo Ren is not his real name of course (That has yet to be revealed…) The Ren part comes from the ‘Kinghts of Ren’, who may sound like they would like a shrubbery, but are a group which has aligned itself with The First Order. Kylo took the last name Ren after he became part of the group. Being the giant fan boy Kylo is, it no suprise he seems to have acquired this…


The rather mangled helmet of a dark lord of the sith… “I will finish what you started” say’s Kylo. If talking to the 30yr old mask of a dead guy isn’t a sign you might not be playing with a full set of sabacc cards, I don’t know what is…

14 15

The two shots above give us another look at Ren, and Oscar Isaac’s hot shot X-Wing pilot Poe Dameron, who it would seem, has managed to get himself caught by Mr. Ren, who seems to be using some force powers to monkey around with his brain. I’m wondering if he’s trying to extract secrets from Poe’s head… Or possibly showing him a vision of the furture. Either way…


Judging by that shot, it’s probably not a good thing…


The first appearance of the old guard. It seems from this exchange with Rey and Finn, over the past 30yrs, the Jedi and stories of how the Empire was defeated have become whispered legend. “There are stories about what happened,” says Rey. “It’s true,” replies Solo, “All of it. The Dark Side. The Jedi. They’re real.” Certainly a change in position to the one he held on the same ship 30 years earlier. Is he just referring to the events covered in the original trilogy? Or has something even more epic happened in the intervening years to alter his thinking? This also leads us to wonder where Luke as been? Unlike in the old, now non-canon, Expanded Universe where Luke set up a New Jedi Order, in this new reality, Luke has faded away. Is he in hiding? If so, why? Has he turned to the dark side? Given that the pitch Kathleen Kennedy used to get J.J. Abrams involved in making the film in the first place was to ask “Who is Luke Skywalker… now?” it’s a safe bet we find out.

20 21

Of course, the Millennium Falcon is back, and it’s awesome! What I love about this film is we’re going to get to see a lot more ship fights on planets, rather than just out in the blackness of space. Again, these seem to be on Jakku, as there’s the downed Star Destroyer again.


It’s Kylo again with what we suspect are some of the other Knights of Ren. You will notice the fabled broadsword style lightsaber which Kylo apparently constructed himself.


Now we’re into some epic battle sequences. Here you see a group of newly smoothed Stormtroopers defending a pile of rubble from an X-Wing attack.


The next shot is rather interesting as it seems to feature Rey, Finn and Han (along with BB-8) entering some sort of temple. Could this be where Luke has been holed up for the past 30 years?


This is the shot we saw in the previous trailer, which we believe to be Luke. He does seem the most likely candidate, but could that be a misdirection. Again, not showing his face. Has he had some sort of terrible accident that’s scarred him. Has he been ravaged by the dark side?


Ahh, here’s Chewie. Hasn’t aged a bit!


It’s a “blink and you’ll miss it shot” in the trailer, but it’s the first time we see Leia this in the new film. It’s an incredibly sweet and emotional shot. Clearly there’s some sort of battle starting. You’ll notice in the background what seems to be an interesting mix of Imperial style uniforms and X-Wing pilots which is intriguing…


And here’s Finn. Skywalker lightsaber in hand, about to throw down with Kylo Ren. Could this mean Finn is possibly Finn Skywalker? We’ll get to find out on the 17th of December, and you can book your tickets right now! According to Empire Cinemas, they sold over 20,000 tickets on Monday alone. If you’re in London, i’d urge you to head to Europe’s first IMAX with Laser screen in Leicester Square for the best 3D experience out there. They’re adding screenings through the night on opening day to keep up with demand. This is going to be epic!

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