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A Vixen Joining Legends of Tomorrow

by Dave Elliott
A Vixen Joining Legends of Tomorrow

A Vixen Joining Legends of Tomorrow

As we’ve talked about before on Geektown Radio, one of the interesting things about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is the ability for them to switch up the team each season.

Reports coming in from the DC camp say that the character of Vixen will be joining the team for it’s second season. However it won’t be Megalyn Echikunwoke, who voiced the character in the animated series and played Vixen on Arrow. This is due to her currently being tied up on the feature film Step Sisters, but showrunners still wanting to use the character.

So, how do you get around that on a time-travelling show, and have a character who’s power comes from a magical totem? You go back in time and pick up one of her predecessors instead!

There had been some discussions with Echikunwoke about reprising the role in live-action, but it seems they just can’t get the timing right for her to be able to commit to a full season, so this seems like a decent alternative. Hopefully we will see Echikunwoke’s Vixen reappear on Arrow at some point, or maybe even on Legends for a Vixen team-up!

Echikunwoke had previously commented “I’m open to any type of development of Vixen in live-action. I think the fans are there, and they deserve to have this character. They want this character. She’s really special, and an important part of the DC Universe, so I don’t see why she shouldn’t have the spotlight.”

Vixen isn’t the only new character coming to Legends, as the showrunners had already announced a number of the Justice Society of America would be popping up on the show. One of those members will be Suits’s Patrick J. Adams, who will play Hourman, but they are keeping tight lipped about which others may show up. One key member of the JSA was introduced in the Flash finale though, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a certain older scarlet speedster making an appearance…

Season 1 of Legends Of Tomorrow comes to an end next Thursday on Sky 1, with Season 2 due in the Autumn.

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