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Secret Cinema Puts Dirty Dancing Back Into The UK Box Office Top 10!

by Dave Elliott


It maybe true that ‘nobody puts Baby in a corner’, but it seems that Secret Cinema can put a 80’s classic movie back in the UK Box Office Top 10, as Dirty Dancing returns to the charts!

This isn’t the first time ‘Secret Cinema presents’ – which is the slightly less secret, although no less fun, version of their ‘live cinema experience’ – has pushed a movie back to into the UK Box Office Top 10. Last summer’s epic Secret Cinema presents Star Wars: Empire Strike Back, Secret Cinema presents Back to the Future (Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, 2014), Secret Cinema presents The Grand Budapest Hotel (Farmiloe Building, 2014) which contributed 7% to the film’s box office gross takings, and this year’s Secret Cinema presents 28 Days Later, which added 21% to the original box office gross takings (£6.3M, 2002), all ended up re-entering the charts after being given the Secret Cinema treatment.

Adding to the London-based company’s success story, 30,000 guests attended Secret Cinema presents Dirty Dancing event at Leyton Jubilee Park where a detailed recreation of Kellerman’s resort in the Catskills, NY brought the film to life for 6 nights. Live bands, the Staff Quarters DJ and mass dances kept the mainly female guests moving and shaking all night long to the freshest sounds of the 60s.

The traditional Kellerman’s Mountain House offered distinguished guests the opportunity to catch up over a cocktail or to learn the chachacha, totalling a full 12 dance classes offered throughout the evening. The famous resort talent show attracted homegrown talent from within the crowds, who were offered the opportunity to sing, dance or perform live in front of the audience on the night.

The iconic Kellerman’s resort opened to excited crowds on the 15th July and has since hosted holidaymakers from all over the world. All were given their own fictional character and name on the Kellerman’s page (Kellermans.co, reference: catskills) which also functioned as resort brochure for all those who had not yet booked their cabin for the summer.

Secret Cinema Presents Dirty Dancing was run in support of the charity Womens’ Aid as part of the #LoveDontFeelBad campaign promoting healthy relationships.

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