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Prison Architect Launches Final Update Video

by Dave Elliott

As you maybe aware, here at Geektown, we’re huge fans of Introversion Software’s Prison Architect, and today they released their final update video.

After 6 years of development, Prison Architect fully launches version 2.0. Last month saw them add a number of new features and, this month sees something that mod community will be very happy about – the ability to turn on a ‘developer mode’. This should make it much easier for budding devs to expand the game to their heart’s content.

For the uninitiated, Prison Architect is a prison construction and management sim, which lets you build and control your own private prison. It’s simple graphic style hides a wonderfully deep and complex system of management which should satisfy even the most hardcore sim gamer.

What has been so brilliant throughout the game development is the communication from the Introversion team – something other developers could learn from *cough* No Man’s Sky *cough*… Every month producer Mark Morris and designer Chris Delay presented videos showing off new features and gameplay. Not only were they very funny, but open and honest. As with any Early Access game, bugs and issues creep in, but Mark & Chris acknowledge issues, and reward players with a truly collaborative development experience. For any developer out there that wants to know how you should run a successful Early Access campaign, just look at Prison Architect.

Introversion have also said they aren’t abandoning the PC version. They will still be doing bug fixes as they arise, but just won’t be adding new features. However, with the release of the full developer tools to the (already very active) modding community, I expect to see new content to appear from them for years to come. Introversion are also still working on the XBox & Playstation versions, which are currently released, and the upcoming tablet version of the game.

So finally, we just wanted to say thank you to the Introversion guys. Amazing job on a wonderfully fun and entertaining game. From the early alphas to the final release, you’ve been some of the most ‘stand up’ developers we’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to. Good luck with your next game, Scanner Sombre, and we look forward to seeing you back on YouTube when development for that get’s into full swing.

You can find more info on Prison Architect for PC, Mac, XBox & Playstation by clicking here.

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