Trailers For ABC’s Upcoming New Shows – ‘The Good Doctor’, ‘Deception’, ‘The Crossing’ And Lots More…

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17 May 17
Trailers For ABC’s Upcoming New Shows - The Good Doctor, Deception, The Crossing And More...

Trailers For ABC’s Upcoming New Shows – The Good Doctor, Deception, The Crossing And More…

After ABC’s Upfront presentation yesterday, the US network dropped a bunch of trailers online for their new upcoming shows, including Zach Braff’s new comedy ‘Alec, Inc.‘, ‘The Good Doctor‘ from House’s David Shore starring Bates Motel’s Freddie Highmore, and ‘Deception‘ from Flash/Arrow’s Greg Berlanti, plus many many more. Here’s a rundown of what we thought…


Alex Schuman is an inquisitive journalist, husband and father who dives headfirst into the brave new world of entrepreneurship when he quits his stable job and starts his own business. Based on Alex Blumberg’s Start-Up podcast.

CAST: Zach Braff, Tiya Sircar, Hillary Anne Mathews, Michael Imperioli, Elisha Henig, Audyssie James, Chris Sacca

WHAT WE THINK: The premise doesn’t seem like the most inspiring one, but it’s nice to see Zach Braff back on a tv comedy, and teaming up again with his Scrubs co-executive producer Matt Tarses, who is writing the series. I’m also a big fan of Michael Imperioli, so, although I’m not 100% sold, I’m prepared to try it for a few episodes and see how it goes.


When an outspoken, idealistic rapper runs for office as a publicity stunt and actually gets elected, he surprises everyone (including himself) when he has a natural knack for the job and slowly transforms City Hall.

CAST: Brandon Micheal Hall, Lea Michele, Bernard David Jones, Marcel Spears, Yvette Nicole Brown

WHAT WE THINK: I was a little unsure about this from the description… As Bex pointed out on Geektown Radio this week, it does sound like a description that should end “…with hilarious consequences.” However, the trailer looks promising, and actually has a bit of soul, rather than playing purely for gags. Brandon Micheal Hall seems to be a very likeable lead, so I think it’s could be worth trying.


The story of a couple whose marriage is reignited by their divorce. Based on the 2016 Danish series.

CAST: Jenna Fischer, Oliver Hudson, Bobby Lee, Diane Farr, Lindsay Price, Olivia Keville, Van Crosby, Sander Thomas.

WHAT WE THINK: Humm… tricky… The description for this show left me totally flat, and, much as I like the cast, the trailer doesn’t really improve things much. Probably not going to make it onto my watch list unfortunately.


Stars Jason Ritter (Parenthood, The Event) as Kevin Finn, a man in a downward spiral of despair, who is visited by a celestial being, and tasks him with a mission… to save the world! The show is described as a ‘light drama’.

CAST: Jason Ritter, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, J. August Richards, Chloe East, Dustin Ybarra, India de Beaufort.

WHAT WE THINK: When I first heard about this show, it was a little hard to place where on the comedy/drama spectrum it would land, as the description could pull it either way. It’s created by Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters, the people behind Reaper, and I can see some similarities in tone with that show. Once again, you’re dealing with spiritual powers, but I think this new show does it in a rather more subtle and sweet way. Ritter makes for a likeable ‘every man’ lead. Cristela Alonzo, who plays the celestial being in the trailer is being recast for the production run, although I’m not sure why, as she seems to do a perfectly fine job.


A young surgeon with Savant syndrome is recruited into the pediatric surgical unit of a prestigious hospital. The question will arise: Can a person who doesn’t have the ability to relate to people actually save their lives? From House creator David Shore.

CAST: Freddie Highmore, Antonia Thomas, Nicholas Gonzalez, Chuku Modu, Hill Harper, Richard Schiff, Beau Garrett.

WHAT WE THINK: This is one of the shows I have been most looking forward to, and the trailer does not disappoint. Dramatic, interesting concept, with a superb cast. This is definitely on my watch list.


Refugees from a war-torn country start showing up to seek asylum in an American town. Only the country these people are from is America and the war they are fleeing is 250 years in the future. The local sheriff with a past, a federal agent and a mother in search of her missing refugee daughter drive this allegory with a surprising conspiracy at the center.

CAST: Steve Zahn, Natalie Martinez, Sandrine Holt, Rick Gomez, Jay Karnes, Marcuis Harris, Simone Kessell, Kelley Missal, Rob Campbell, Grant Harvey, Bailey Skodje, John D’Leo, Luc Roderique, Tommy Bastow.

WHAT WE THINK: A little bit ‘The 4400’, a little bit ‘The Returned’, a little bit ‘Lost’… So it’s not the most original concept, but it is done in a configuration we haven’t seen before, and I think definitely has potential. ABC are clearly pushing this as the next ‘Lost’, although I hope it manages not to lose focus as much as that show did!


Jane Sadler is an overworked television producer and single mother in the middle of a fractious separation. When her young daughter goes missing in the middle of the night, Jane’s world – and her controversial police series – implodes. Life imitates art, everything’s a mystery, everyone has a secret, and no one can be trusted.

CAST: Kyra Sedgwick, Erika Christensen, Felix Solis, Kick Gurry.

WHAT WE THINK: This feels like it could be a fairly solid thriller/mystery series. It’s created by Tassie Cameron, who was also responsible for Rookie Blue, so it’s someone that knows their way around a police drama, and knows about being a screenwriter in Hollywood! However, the central premise seems to revolve around her missing daughter, so it could also be a show that struggles to find a compelling replacement plot once that is resolved… or find that plot being worn thin by being stretched out over multiple seasons.


Set in the Southern District of New York Federal Court, aka “The Mother Court,” legal drama follows brand-new lawyers working on opposite sides – for both the defense and the prosecution – as they handle the most high-profile and high-stakes cases in the country, all as their personal lives intersect.

CAST: Britne Olford, Lyndon Smith, Ben Rappaport, Susannah Flood, Wesam Keesh, Regé-Jean Page, Ben Shenkman, Hope Davis, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Anna Deavere Smith.

WHAT WE THINK: The description for this show makes it sound like such a generic law drama, and to be honest, the trailer does little to dispel that feeling… That’s not to say it’s not well written, and a good example of the genre. It is a ShondaLand series, so there is a certain level of quality you expect to come with that. Whether it’s done enough to raise it above all the other lawyer shows out there on the market remains to be seen.


When his career is ruined by scandal, superstar magician Cameron Black has only one place to turn to practice his art of deception, influence and illusion — the FBI. Using every trick in the book and inventing new ones, he will help the government catch the world’s most elusive criminals while staging the biggest illusions of his career.

CAST: Jack Cutmore-Scott, Ilfenesh Hadera, Lenora Crichlow, Amaury Nolasco, Justin Chon, Laila Robins, Vinnie Jones.

WHAT WE THINK: There are elements of ‘Lucifer’ to this, with an outsider who has a ‘gift’ (in this case ‘magic’) muscling in on a police dept. Jack Cutmore-Scott seems likeable as a lead, although not quite up to the Tom Ellis level of charm. It looks fun & entertaining enough though. Plus it’s created by Chuck’s Chris Fedak, and produced by Flash/Arrow’s Greg Berlanti, so it will be going on my watch list.

As these are brand new shows, there are no UK TV Air Dates for them yet, but keep an eye on the site over the next few months for updates!