CBS Developing ‘Trident’, A Nuclear Submarine Drama From Alex Kurtzman

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10 Aug 17
CBS Developing 'Trident', A Nuclear Submarine Drama From Alex Kurtzman

CBS Developing ‘Trident’, A Nuclear Submarine Drama From Alex Kurtzman

In a somewhat timely announcement given current politic events, CBS has said they are developing a drama set on a Nuclear Submarine from Alex Kurtzman’s production company ‘Secret Hideout’.

Titled ‘Trident’, the show centres on a mysterious death aboard an American nuclear submarine which tests the mettle of the crew, the White House, the Pentagon and the CIA, and causes a crisis that threatens to expose a conspiracy that could trigger World War III. Also, it strains the already complex and fragile relationship between a tough, talented recent graduate of submarine school and her father, the sub’s capable but untested executive officer who’s suddenly thrust into a leadership role.

What really interests me about this project is the team behind it. David Wilcox is penning the pilot, and whilst he might not be a name you recognise, you will have seen his work. He’s previously written and produced on Michael Weatherly drama Bull, the brilliant but short lived ‘Legends’ starring Sean Bean, the amazing ‘Life On Mars’, and one of Geektown’s favourite shows ever, ‘Fringe’. Alex Kurtzman is the producer behind ‘Scorpion’, ‘Hawaii Five-0’, ‘Sleepy Hollow’, ‘Fringe’ and the cruelly cut short ‘Limitless’. His production company ‘Secret Hideout’ is currently producing the new Star Trek: Discovery series and upcoming Alan Cumming fronted drama Instinct.

US military dramas have become this season “theme” it appears, with David Boreanaz fronting CBS’s SEAL Team, CW launching helicopter pilot Valor, and NBC’s The Brave with Anne Heche and Mike Vogel.

As ‘Trident’ is only in development at the moment, there’s no news on air dates (or guarantee it will make it to air at all), but we’ll keep you updated as we hear more.