First Look Trailer For J.J. Abrams/Stephen King’s ‘Castle Rock’ Drops

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09 Oct 17

After all the fun and excitement of NYCC this weekend, a number of new trailers dropped, including one for J.J. Abrams Castle Rock, based on the works of Stephen King.

Written by Sam Shaw (‘Manhattan’, ‘Masters of Sex’) and Dustin Thomason (‘Lie To Me’, ‘Manhattan’), rather than focusing on a single King novel, ‘Castle Rock’ dips in and out of all of them. Set in the Stephen King multiverse, the show is a psychological/horror series which combines the mythological scale and intimate character storytelling of King’s best-loved works, weaving an epic saga of darkness and light, played out on a few square miles of Maine woodland. The fictional Maine town of Castle Rock has figured prominently in King’s extensive career.  ‘Cujo’, ‘The Dark Half’, ‘It’, ‘Needful Things’, ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, plus many more stories, are all either set in the town or contain references to the area.

The cast includes André Holland (‘Moonlight’, ‘The Knick’, ‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’), Melanie Lynskey (‘Girlboss’, ‘Two and a Half Men’), Sissy Spacek (‘Carrie’), Jane Levy (‘Shameless US’, ‘Suburgatory’), Terry O’Quinn (‘Lost’, ‘Hawaii Five-O’), and Bill Skarsgård, who is currently terrifying coulrophobia sufferers everywhere, as Pennywise in ‘It’.

During the panel at NYCC, the cast wasn’t going to give away any secrets regarding the content of the upcoming season, however, Skarsgård did mention that the season would be self-contained and have a definite ending. So it looks like it will be more of an anthology series in the vain of ‘True Detective’ or ‘American Horror Story’, where each season has a specific story, and a new cast.

Castle Rock comes to Hulu in the US at some point in 2018. No news on a UK pick up yet, but we will let you know as soon as we hear something.