The Science Museum’s Power Up Interactive Gaming Exhibition

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07 Jan 18

Last half term we ventured to The Science Museum in London for the second Power Up interactive gaming exhibition. This sold out event which ran in London and Manchester in 2017 boosts 40 years of home gaming history. With 120 consoles and computers and thousands of games to choose from; its a great event for thrill seekers, nostalgia hunters and newcomers; making it a great afternoon for the whole family.

With a range of machines from old Atari, Spectrum and BBC Basic machines, through Master Systems and Nintendo Entertainment Systems all the way up to PlayStation VR; its an impressive selection. Their dedicated Halo tournament ring and Minecraft areas are capable of keeping young and old enthusiasts alike busy on their own. But for those looking for something a bit more retro you can play through chronologically grouped collections including every Mario and Sonic platform games and classic beat’em ups to name a few. Those looking for a bit of gaming history could check out their ‘Play the game, hear the story’ selection which allows you and a friend to play some of the first ever home computer games whilst an accompanying TV and pair of headphones play a documentary on the game’s development and origins. A feature likely to be expanded in its 2018 return.

The exhibition was well laid out with plenty of room and a huge variety of games to try. Knowledgeable staff were on hand to help with any questions or help with any technical assistance you might need. The chip tune and computer games themed music in the room wasn’t overbearing. Snacks and drinks were available and the gift shop was well stocked with all sorts of retro and modern game merchandise as well as DVD copies of the full versions of the documentaries featured in the exhibition. Watch our video at the event showcasing the consoles and including an interview with one of the founders of the exhibition below: Tickets to Power Up are limited per session and sold in time slots, with back to back booking an option, to avoid overcrowding.

The event will return to the Science Museum this year so watch their website for announcements of the 2018 show dates!