Disney Releases More Info On Its Upcoming Direct-To-Consumer Streaming Service

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09 Feb 18
Disney Releases More Info On It's Upcoming Direct-To-Consumer Streaming Service

Disney Releases More Info On Its Upcoming Direct-To-Consumer Streaming Service

As you may have read, 2019 looks to be the year of streaming services. DC currently have their own streaming service due to launch next year, as do Disney, who have just released some additional info on what to expect. Here is the lowdown…

When does the Disney Streaming Service launch?

The as-yet-untitled Disney Streaming Service will launch “late 2019”, in the USA… It’ll then be rolled out worldwide at a later date. That means we probably won’t see it in the UK until at least 2020…

How much will it cost?

Although they haven’t put a price on it yet, they have said it will be “substantially below” the cost of Netflix (which currently ranges from £5.99 for SD up to £10.99 for Ultra HD).

What will be on it?

Disney seems to be going for quality over quantity. It’s not going to have thousands of shows like Netflix. The plan is to have 4 or 5 original movies and 5 original tv series on the platform when it launches. We already know at least one of the tv shows is likely to be ‘Star Wars’ related, although they have said they have “a few” ‘Star Wars’ shows in development. We also know there is a ‘High School Musical’ series in the works, along with a ‘Monsters Inc.’ animated series. None of the content will be, what the Americans call “R” rated. Any more adult content will go onto Hulu in the US, as Disney currently hold a 30% stake in that service, which will possibly rise if the deal to buy Fox goes through.

What about the Marvel/Netflix shows?

These are staying put on Netflix, which makes sense if they don’t want to tar the Disney branded service with “R” rated material!

Wait… Doesn’t the UK already have a Disney streaming service called ‘Disney Life’?

Yes, that is true. It’s not clear at this point what will happen with ‘Disney Life’ when this new service is rolled out worldwide. It could be they roll the old ‘Life’ service into the new one, but they have yet to confirm anything about the international rollout, so we will have to wait and see!

We’ll bring you any more info as we get it!