Dark Matter’s Melissa O’Neil Joins Nathan Fillion In ‘The Rookie’

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09 Feb 18
Dark Matter's Melissa O'Neil Joins Nathan Fillion In 'The Rookie'

Dark Matter’s Melissa O’Neil Joins Nathan Fillion In ‘The Rookie’

Last year we were extremely gutted to lose the series ‘Dark Matter’, so we’re very happy to see one of the cast land a new gig! Melissa O’Neil, who played “Two” in the sci-fi show will be joining Nathan Fillion in his new ABC dramedy The Rookie.

The show, which was given a straight-to-series order by the network, sees Fillion star as John Nolan, the oldest rookie in the LAPD. The middle-aged Nolan uproots himself from his provincial, small-town life, and move to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a cop. Joining the other rookie cops, most of which are 20 years younger than himself, he must navigate his way through his often dangerous, and sometimes humorous, new career choice, to make his second shot at life count.

O’Neil joins the cast as Lucy, another rookie in the LAPD who is struggling with a domineering training officer and seems to be developing a budding romance with Nolan.

Also announced joining the cast are Eric Winter (‘Rosewood’, ‘Secrets & Lies’) and Afton Williamson (‘The Night Of’, ‘Banshee’). Winter is playing Tim Bradford, the aforementioned domineering training officer, whilst Williamson plays the newly promoted Talia Bishop, who is given the job of training Nolan.

If you want some idea of the sort of show this will be, it’s written by former ‘Castle’ exec producer/co-showrunner Alexi Hawley, so we’d expect it to have that same sort of humour and action.

It’s still very early days for The Rookie so no news on a UK pick up yet… However, it does scream as being a show which will pop up on Alibi… We will have to wait and see!