Channel 4 Releases First Trailer For ‘Humans’ Season 3

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02 May 18

As excitement builds for Humans‘ Season 3, which will arrive on Channel 4 in May, we finally get our first look at some of the action coming up in the show!

Set in a parallel present, ‘Humans’ explores what happens when the line between human and machine becomes blurred. The final episode of series two left viewers on a thrilling cliff-hanger when all synths became conscious and almost indistinguishable from humans. Series 3 is set a year later when most humans fear synths and are on a mission to detect those living in disguise amongst them.

As you can see in the trailer, Mattie’s (Lucy Carless) decision to release the consciousness code to save Mia (Gemma Chan) at the end of the last season was not without consequences, and consequences the poor girl is having to deal with. The so-called “world-wide malfunction” of the synths has caused chaos around the globe. We also see hints of the new “orange eyed” synths which you can see Sophie (Pixie Davies) is being taught about in school… Given a number of her friends are the “malfunctioning” synths, I can’t see her taking that well.

The new season also sees the return of Emily Berrington as Niska, Ivanno Jeremiah as Max, Katherine Parkinson as Laura Hawkins, Theo Stevenson as Toby Hawkins, Tom Goodman-Hill as Joe Hawkins and Colin Morgan as Leo Elster.

You can see exactly what happens when ‘Humans’ Season 3 arrives on Channel 4 in May 2018. Also, make sure you check out the site next week for a lot more ‘Humans’ related stuff!