When TV Shows Are Transformed Into Video Games

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21 Jun 18
When TV Shows Are Transformed Into Video Games

When TV Shows Are Transformed Into Video Games

Any sort of success on the television these days spawns all sorts of incredible pieces of merchandise. There’s t-shirts, books, even lunchboxes, but one of the most common is most certainly the video game.

For shows with a little bit of action, it seems only natural to transform the title into a video game, with incredible life-like graphics and the chance to re-enact exactly what you’ve seen on screen. We’ve seen so many huge hits turn their hand to the gaming world, with everything from The Simpsons to Lost, incidentally one of the worst games of all time.

However, they also come from the most unlikely of shows too. With more games based on TV Shows hitting the App Store and console games shops than ever before, we decided to take a look at some top TV shows and discover how the video games hold up to the real thing.

The Walking Dead

With the first released in 2012, when the Walking Dead was in its pomp, a number of games have been released in line with the series and have generally been met with a decent reception.

As you’d expect, the game is based in episodic stages and follow typical puzzles you’d find in most action and adventure games. With narratives as strong as the TV series, it’s well worth a play and can be enjoyed on most consoles and iOS and Android.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has built an entire empire, and pretty much any type of game you wish to play there will be something related to the popular HBO series. From adventure games, to quizzes, to even popular online slot machines, you’ll find something to do with Game of Thrones.

The first console game was released back in 2014 and created by the same developers as The Walking Dead games. The story, as you’d expect, focuses on the House Forrester and sees five playable characters take on the classic tasks you’d expect from the TV series.

Released as six episodes, you’ll have to make key decisions to save your family in what is a warts and all game that is well in line with what you’d expect having watched the series.

Home Improvement

On a much lighter note is Home Improvement. Yes, the popular US sitcom really does have a video game. Named Power Tool Pursuit! the game sees you go through a series of levels, using power tools to see off dinosaurs, acid-spewing mummies and even robots.

It’s a wacky game that offers all sorts of fun across four different worlds and is well worth a play, even to simply check out what this crazy offering is really like.

It’s not easy to come by though, having been released on SNES back in 1994. Good luck!

Star Trek

As you can probably expect, the Star Trek franchise has spawned multiple video games across all sorts of platforms down the years.

Star Trek Online is perhaps the most popular in what is a massive multiplayer online role-player game released back in 2010.

Available on both PC and Console, the online game sees each player operate as the captain of their own ship and work their way through this huge online world. You have full control of your sheep as well as sending officers on assignments and learn crafts.