Arrowverse Crossover Event Is Called ‘Elseworlds’ & LaMonica Garrett Cast As The Monitor

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26 Sep 18
Arrowverse Crossover Event Is Called 'Elseworlds' & LaMonica Garrett Cast As The Monitor

Arrowverse Crossover Event Is Called ‘Elseworlds’ & LaMonica Garrett Cast As The Monitor

The Arrowverse has set social media and comic book fans chattering this evening as they reveal the title of this year’s crossover event will be ‘Elseworlds’.

Some of you may be aware of the DC Elseworlds brand, but for those of you that are not, the Elseworlds imprint usually denotes a section of DC Comics that take place outside standard DC Universe canon. Notable titles include stories like ‘Gotham by Gaslight’, which sets Batman in 1889 chasing Jack the Ripper, or ‘Superman: Red Son’, which sees the Man Of Steel become a hero of the USSR rather than the USA.

In some cases, the Elseworld Universes have been folded back into the main Universe as one of the Multiverses, such as we’ve seen with Jay Garrick and Gypsy on ‘The Flash’, or the ‘Supergirl’ reality, which is separate from the one which houses Arrow, Flash and the Legends. It also seems ‘Black Lightning’ is in its own multiverse, as are the new ‘Titans’ and ‘Doom Patrol’ series coming to the DC Universe streaming service.

Other than the title, they have not released much more detail about the crossover event. We do know it is set in Gotham and will feature Ruby Rose as Batwoman. We also know Tyler Hoechlin reprise his role as Superman/Clark Kent, and the introduction of his Daily Planet co-worker, Lois Lane played by Grimm’ actress, Elizabeth Tulloch. Additionally, Cassandra Jean Amell is set to appear as Nora Fries, and we know the Legends aren’t involved this year.

The other bit of interesting new info is that ‘Designated Survivor’ star LaMonica Garrett has been cast as Mar Novu, otherwise known as The Monitor. In the comic books, he is one of the beings charged with watching over the Multiverse. They are extraterrestrial beings of infinite power, and usually only step in during large crisis events… So having one show up is never a good sign.

As to why the Monitor has decided to intervene is anyone’s guess… Could it have to do with the alt-Kara we saw in Russia at the end of last season’s ‘Supergirl’? Has Barry messed up the timelines… again? Has Cisco tried to visit Gypsy and something has gone awry? Can they just blame it all on the Legends seeing as they aren’t around to defend themselves? We’ll have to wait until December to find out!

The DC shows all return to the UK in October 2018, beginning with ‘The Flash‘ on Thursday, 18th Oct, followed by ‘Supergirl‘ on Monday (22nd), and ‘Arrow‘ on Tuesday (23rd). ‘Legends Of Tomorrow‘ begins Wednesday, 31st October 2018, all at 8pm on Sky One.