NYCC: First Trailer Arrives For Amazon’s ‘Good Omens’

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06 Oct 18

After the first look photos landed yesterday Amazon has now dropped the first trailer for the highly-anticipated adaptation of Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens. Welcome to the end times…

Michael Sheen stars as the somewhat fussy angel and rare book dealer Aziraphale, and David Tennant plays his opposite number, the fast-living demon Crowley, both of whom have lived amongst Earth’s mortals since The Beginning and have grown rather fond of the lifestyle and of each other. So it’s really terrible news for both of them that, if Heaven and Hell have their way, the world will end on Saturday. Next Saturday, in fact. Just before dinner. The armies of Good and Evil are amassing, Atlantis has risen, tempers are flaring. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are ready to ride. Everything appears to be going according to the Divine Plan. Except that someone seems to have misplaced the Antichrist…

At the Madison Square Garden NYCC event, Sheen commented “It is like a dream come true for me, “ before joking “I just have to put up with these terrible actors!”

Those “terrible actors” also includes Jon Hamm as the Archangel Gabriel, Miranda Richardson as Madame Tracy, with Michael McKean as Shadwell, Jack Whitehall as Newt, Adria Arjona as Anathema Device, Anna Maxwell Martin as Beelzebub, Mark Gatiss & Steve Pemberton as Harmony & Glozier, Derek Jacobi as the Metatron, and David Morrissey as pleasure cruiser Morbilli Captain Vincent.

Good Omens‘ will be realised on Amazon Prime (including in the UK) in 2019, then comes to BBC Two, who are co-producing the series, at a later date.