Modern Gaming: Has The Internet Made It All Too Easy?

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15 Apr 19
Modern Gaming: Has The Internet Made It All Too Easy?

Modern Gaming: Has The Internet Made It All Too Easy?

Those gamers old enough to remember what it was like back in the day will know how tricky it used to be to find the information you needed. Cheat codes and bonus details were a classic example of this in action. It may seem amazing to young gamers now, but when the internet didn’t exist, getting this sort of gaming knowledge was a whole different beast. After all, with no online help to track down the codes or bonuses you wanted for a game, you were forced into what would now seem radical measures.

Most older gamers will remember having to rush down to their local newsagent and actually buy print magazines or guides to help! This was assuming that your local shop had the publication you wanted or hadn’t sold its only copy to the kid next door.

Nowadays, it is all much different. If you get stuck on Gears of War 4 now, you can just fire up your search engine of choice to find the solution.

How has this affected the gaming industry?

Of course, it was the invention of the internet as we know it that changed everything and made it possible to find information such as codes or bonuses online quickly. It is important to remember that it is not just pure video gaming that has been affected by the digital revolution that we have seen. Slot and casino games have become very popular with many players now, thanks to the internet making them much more accessible.

It is not just being able to find codes and bonuses more easily though. The below are some other ways that the online revolution in casino and video gaming has changed the industry.

Playing games via the internet

The most obvious but also arguably the biggest change that the whole gaming sector has seen is how people play games now. The rise of stable high-speed connections opened the world up to on-demand competitive and co-operative gaming. This has made gaming not only more social, as it is simpler to play with others, but also more enjoyable as there are lots of games to play, often for free. When you add in the $70bn mobile gaming niche that uses internet technology to operate and gives players maximum convenience, it is clear how much simpler the internet has made modern gaming.

Rise of sites to help find latest codes and bonuses

Another big change that the modern gaming industry has seen is a proliferation of review sites to help you find answers easily. If you want to know about those elusive easter eggs, it’s just one simple search away. Cheat codes? Guides for gimmick bosses? Casino bonus offers? Irrespective of the niche, the answer is never further than your fingertips.

More bonuses and codes given out

Another change that the internet has enabled for online gaming is that there are simply more codes and bonuses around to take advantage of now. As players can find this information more easily online and also feedback favourably on gaming sites that offer them, it has seen the gaming sites themselves forced to offer more to players to compete. This is naturally great news for gamers, who can search around to find the best promotions and ongoing offers to sign up for with very little hassle.

Made gaming more popular

Gaming has always been one of the best activities for geeks. Since the internet got going though, it has really exploded in general popularity. Now, seemingly everyone games and plays big titles such as FIFA – even the cool kids! Much of this recent popularity is down to the internet making gaming more accessible to all and also just cooler. It has in effect taken gaming out of the bedroom and into the wide world for everyone to access, even if they do not own a console or PC.

Has the internet made it all too easy?

One thing that some older gamers may feel is that the internet has made gaming a little too easy! After all, part of the fun of it was having to wait for the latest magazine with cheat codes or details of any bonuses available. It looks like these days are well gone though and modern gaming is all about getting the information you want quickly and playing online. For many, this is a welcome change that does not make modern gaming too easy but just more convenient.