‘Blindspot’ Renewed For 5th & Final Season By NBC

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11 May 19
'Blindspot' Renewed For 5th & Final Season

‘Blindspot’ Renewed For 5th & Final Season By NBC

The tattoo-solving team at Blindspot will return for a 5th and final Season it was announced last night by NBC.

Jaimie Alexander leads the cast as “Jane Doe”, a woman found naked in Times Square covered in tattoos, and Sullivan Stapleton stars as FBI special agent Kurt Weller, whose name is tattooed on her back. Whilst “Jane” has no memory of what happened to her, she works with an FBI team to decipher, investigate and solve a complex map of clues hidden her body, revealing an ever-widening web of conspiracy and corruption.

Season 4, which is currently airing on Sky Witness, saw Jane revert to her original self, Remi, once again… That includes her original plan to take down the FBI. As we saw at the end of last season, Jane/Remi learns she is married to Weller but didn’t remember the events of the past few years. Helpfully, Roman left the Remi/Jane a necklace before dying, opening a whole new avenue of investigations using the tattoos for the FBI team to follow.

News of the renewal comes as a bit of a nice surprise, given NBC pulled the series off the schedule during May sweeps – For UK readers, “sweeps” are when advertisers and US networks grade the value of the various advertising time slots on the networks based on viewing figures, so they run the shows which they think will get the highest numbers… That means being pulled during sweeps is not a good sign. It was also the lowest rated current drama on NBC, so the fact they have chosen to give it a final send-off, and not just cancel it on a cliffhanger, is a rare bit of benevolence from NBC.

The final season is likely to be a shortened run of around 13 episodes. Whilst it will be sad to see the series go, there are only so many ways they could string out the original tattoo-solving premise, so it is probably about time.

Blindspot‘ Season 4 is currently airing on Sky Witness in the UK, but is on a break due to it running close behind the US and the aforementioned sweeps removal. The drama will return Monday, 3rd June 2019 at 10pm.