5 Reasons We can’t Wait For Season 5 Of Billions

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21 Oct 19
5 Reasons We can’t Wait For Season 5 Of Billions

5 Reasons We can’t Wait For Season 5 Of Billions

After four incredibly satisfying seasons, Showtime’s Billions is set to return for a fifth season next year.  The exact date will be announced later, but based on Showtime’s past schedule, the new season could be out around March 2020, and not long after in the UK.

Regardless of the precise date, we all want Billions to be as addictive as its first four seasons. Season four centred on Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) and Bobby Axe (Damian Lewis) fighting individual battles. And after they outwitted their former protégés and enemies successfully, the two rivals will likely turn their guns on each other once again.

Of course, we can’t wait to see what the show’s creators make of the growing rivalry. But before then, here are five plot twists that could make Billions even more addictive.

 1. Wendy’s Likely Affair with Axe

In Season four’s finale, Billions nearly explored a dangerous path that could have changed the course of the show dramatically. It didn’t happen, but Wendy Rhoades (Maggie Siff) did indeed sleep in her boss’ friend Axe’s house.

Wendy owes Axe a favour after he helps her restore her medical licence. She was also right to be mad at her husband for his inaction in the saga. But for some time now, the duo has been forging a special connection that could culminate in an affair.

The two tend to be chatty and friendly, but when they finally got the chance to be together, Bobby acted like he didn’t know what was happening. Wendy tells him she doesn’t want to go home, and neither does she want to sleep in a hotel. But all Axe could mutter was, “Oh.”

In Season Five, Axe will finally get a clue of Wendy’s intention. But whether the pair finally ignites a romantic relationship isn’t sure. It will also be dramatic to watch the ramifications of an affair between the two and how Chuck will react to it.

2. Bobby and Chucks’ Short-Lived Alliance

In season two and three, Bobby and Chuck were two immensely gifted card players. They could shuffle their cards to find what’s in it for them and form alliances or plot betrayals for each other in the long run. And of course, what’s a show about rich white guys without a little bit of gambling thrown in the mix to add that bit of extra flavour? With a bit over half of the British population engaging in some form of online gambling, it is not difficult to see why such scenes are well-received by British audiences as well as American ones.

In season four, the rivals maintain their alliance, but it soon turns out that this alliance is short-lived, and we can’t wait to see how it all breaks apart. If Billions decides to continue Wendy and Bobby’s looming affair, Axe and Chuck might finally exchange blows, literally.

When and where their fight happens will all depend on who wants it more. Maybe Bobby will provoke Chuck by starting an affair with Wendy. But Chuck is already one move ahead of his rival in their never-ending game of chess. He has Taylor as a friend, and he could use her/they (she’s gender non-conforming) as a pawn to take down the king!

3. The Taylor Factor: What’s her Endgame?

You could say Taylor Mason (Asia Kate Dillon) is nothing but a pawn in Bobby and Axe’s game of chess. But she’s smart, ambitious and has shown she isn’t afraid to make risky moves to make a name for herself.

In Season four, Taylor finds herself at the wrath of Axe who does all he can to take her down. He even sacrifices his relationship with Rebecca (Nina Arianda) to take her down which he does.

But don’t confuse Taylor’s setback as utter defeat. She’s a highly motivated entrepreneur. And with the help of Chuck, she can hurt more of Bobby’s business adventures. There’s also the theory Taylor could get selfish and double-cross Chuck.

Depending on how ambitious Billions make Taylor be, the business person could play the former attorney and the billionaire. Alternatively, she could make her moves silently and let Chuck and Axe sabotage each other and become the last person standing.

4. Can Chuck finally become the Best Version of himself?

Like many lawyers, Chuck chose to become an attorney give back to his country. He’s always wanted to be straight in his deals and has a penchant for fighting wealthy criminals. But throughout the show, the former attorney general is as shady as the people he’s trying to fight.

Chuck also carries emotional baggage from his childhood. For instance, he doesn’t hate his father per se but hates his corrupt ways. His father is also his advocate, which complicates their relationship. Still, Chuck believes he’s right to turn a blind eye on his father to go after the more devious criminal: Axe.

If Chuck brings down Bobby, he will have done the world a huge favour. Axe is guilty of all the things his rival accuses him of anyway. But bringing him down won’t come easy. The billionaire has proved there’s nothing he isn’t willing to do for his bottom line—which will create fascinating storylines in Season five.

5. Who stays, who dies, and who will be the last one standing?

When Billions comes back for a new episode, all eyes will be on Chuck and Axe. But there’s a lot to Billions than its main characters. There are also signs Showtime will renew the series for a sixth season, so be prepared for some more Wall Street drama.

Showrunners Brian Koppelman, David Levian, and Andrew Sorkin have plenty of ideas to explore. They love to induce mistakes on the characters to fuel unprecedented rivalries. They’ve brought us some fascinating cameos, like Mark Cuban crashing cars.

Romances and friendships in Billions can be short-lived and complicated. But they are all part of what makes the soap opera obsessing.

In Conclusion

Showtime’s Billions is a must-watch TV show whether you love the shady dealings of billionaires or not. It’s intelligently written, its actors are talented and possess chemistries that will make you want to binge-watch its four seasons over and over.