5G, A Green Expansion And A Robotic Revolution: Why Technology Will Reach Unprecedented Levels In 2020

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23 Jan 20

5G, A Green Expansion And A Robotic Revolution: Why Technology Will Reach Unprecedented Levels In 2020

A new decade is here and with it, the opportunity for technological development is enhanced. The race to create something innovative and unique is one that grips inventors and companies, as they strive to use technology to transform the world we live in.

Mobile usage is growing, in fact, around 40% of online transactions are made using a mobile device so it’s no wonder industries like online casino games and similar platforms are thriving…

The green, green grass of home

Green seems to be the new buzzword for society at present; the obligation for companies and inventors to abide by regulations and reduce carbon emissions has seen the proliferation of a number of initiatives to try and improve the earth’s health.

The likes of the “Save the Turtles” campaign with the war on plastic straws and the influx of renewable energy systems such as solar and wind have made the need for green mainstream. And, with the creation and adaptation of new technologies, the green dimension will likely take another twist in 2020.

The ability to monitor consumption and reduce demand will be made substantially easier with the combination of the Internet of Things (IoT), large data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. As a result, costs will be cut and new revenue streams created all while significantly decreasing carbon footprints, aiding the planet in the process.

An internet that has things?

Having mentioned the Internet of Things above, many people are probably wondering just what the hell it is. Well, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for a while with the likes of Alexa and other Smart Home technology able to function because of the concept.

But, the IoT is only just really getting started; Smart will be present in everyday life as the IoT expands and provides greater control and functionality, allowing much more significant integration of Smart Home features.

A robotic revolution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also talked about above, but the concept is far-reaching. Understanding what AI is imperative; they are computer systems created to replicate human intelligence and finish objectives in a more efficient and effective manner.

AI has been around for years – decades even – but companies are no longer holding back its capabilities. At present, humans are required to oversee tasks like facial recognition and speech commands so that AI can function. However, AI’s progression and companies’ willingness to push the boundaries of machinery means that humans will no longer be necessary in such commands.

Though already present, AI will soon dominate the way we think and what actions we will take as the concept infiltrates the likes of education, shopping, gambling or business.

A machine programmed like the brain

Businesses are only successful because they are able to sell to the people. As such, customer service has always been, and will always be, the main priority. Businesses have already improved engagement with customers and have increased the personalization of their experience through chatbots, but technology is booming in such a way that smart devices will soon be able to understand the nuances of language.

For example, sarcasm should not be taken literally. Pepsi’s old slogan was “it brings you back to life”. Some people took that literally to mean that Pepsi brings back people from the grave. In that respect, look how difficult it has been for humans to understand neuro-linguistic devices.

In 2020, this will not just be limited to humans as understanding the true meaning of words could even be achieved by machines, offering enhanced functionality which businesses can only benefit from.

Connecting the Gs

3G, 4G and now 5G. This is the reality of a faster internet speed with less latency, enabling you to browse quicker and at a higher capacity. Your smartphone will allow TV and online pages to be accessed much easier and quicker as 5G paves the way for new possibilities and capabilities. With the increasing number of devices that 5G can support, connection will also improve – it’s what everyone wants, right?