How Is Tech Influencing the Rise in Popularity of European Online Casinos?

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26 Feb 20

How Is Tech Influencing the Rise in Popularity of European Online Casinos?

The rise of technology has influenced our lives in numerous ways, across the board. Automatisation and almost instant access to practically any piece of information have made our lives easier, but this is far from the only gain. The numerous tech trends that have emerged have pushed the entertainment industry to a whole other level, and online casinos are no exception. Due to increased player convenience and clearly established trends, the European casino industry has bloomed over the past few years, especially when it comes to online gameplay. So let’s take a look at the exact role of tech in this alluring phenomenon that’s become too hard to resist.

Two-Way Analytics

Access to information plays a crucial role in the European online casino industry. There are various tools that can compile the vast amounts of data at incredible speeds, providing deep insight into players’ behaviours. This allows casinos to employ analytics that can easily predict what customers want and need, so they can adjust and tweak the games to provide the best gaming experience to the user. These analytics also go the other way: casinos are able to notify players about the latest promotions, bonuses, new features, and give personal recommendations. Website such as and others offer punters the latest news related to the online casino industry as well as providing online casino reviews. Thanks to these, prospective players can gain a far more satisfying experience, whilst avoiding being exposed to any potentially compromised websites and questionable companies online.

Closer to Video Games

One thing that has certainly made online casino games far more appealing is the advanced graphics created by current developers from all around the world. Video games are the established norm, and the improved graphics of European casinos are finally aligned with it. When it comes to slot games, customers are always eyeing something different in search for an amazing gaming experience. This is why European casinos have additionally enhanced their graphics with 3D features and authentic sound effects. These may seem like insignificant details, but the truth is that these small technological implementations add greatly to the excitement factor of prospective punters and are able to do wonders when it comes to customer engagement.

Along the same line, online casino games are also following the trend of “live” and “multiplayer” gaming. Today players are able to play against actual dealers, which seems far more realistic. This is why almost every European casino has readily invested in streaming games from actual studios. This way users are even able to chat with the live dealer, as well as with other players.

Immersed in the Glamour

The biggest advantage of brick and mortar casinos over online ones was the electrified, sparkling atmosphere of the place, that’s simply impossible to experience when you’re playing online. Well, thanks to the rise of VR and AR technology, it turns out that it’s not impossible at all. Although these technologies are still in the experimental phase, their potential in the industry is more than obvious and a number of European online casinos were quick to incorporate them into their platforms. This increasingly popular tech trend is completely transforming the user experience, allowing players to be immersed in the glitz and glamour of casinos without setting foot at the actual place. In a situation where you just need to put your headsets on and walk right into the virtual environment which offers real-life interaction and 360-degree experience, there’s really no need for brick and mortar in order to get the most out your favourite games of chance.

Security & Trust

Traditional casinos were always in need of high-level security, and the situation is no different when it comes to the online variety. Of course, a lot of smart devices today have built-in security features that protect the user and online casino services from being compromised. Nevertheless, European online casino platforms have gone the extra mile with the integration of their own security applications, such as facial recognition.

Since players are unable to make physical transactions online, there’s always been a lack of trust when it comes to payment options. It’s not that online payments and e-Wallets are not safe, but they’re a bit outdated by longer processing which inevitably creates a sense of suspicion. Luckily, the crypto-craze has reached the proverbial European shores, which has resulted in the implementation of cryptocurrency-specific platforms making the cashless transaction secure, fast, and private. Many casinos have incorporated blockchain technology which makes the transactions even faster, withdrawal and deposit limits higher, and offers players complete anonymity.

As you can see, tech has been instrumental in influencing the rise in popularity of European online casinos, mainly through providing an enhanced gaming experience, which has lead to greater engagement with punters. The quick access to information enables a tailor-made approach suitable to everyone’s taste, while improved graphics combined with AR and VR technology guarantee a completely immersive experience. Add to this equation new layers of security and the rise of cryptocurrency transactions, and playing online has become not only fun and immersive, but also safe and completely anonymous. From what we’re seeing, the future of the industry is sparkling bright, much like the glowing neon of the casinos of old.