Top Gaming Apps To Try In Your Spare Time

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26 Feb 20

Top Gaming Apps To Try In Your Spare Time

When it comes to tech in modern life, mobile apps are kind of a big deal. It is thought that there are around 60 apps installed on every smartphone globally now. When you think that the number of smartphones is now in the billions, you get the idea. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise really. Mobile apps are handy for a whole range of uses from helping us work out to organising our lives or helping us book train tickets. Most people now would be lost without them!

Geeks will be particularly interested in gaming apps as these allow you to indulge your passion for games wherever you may be. From your bedroom to the bus stop, they always give you a quick way to satisfy your inner gaming geek. But which are the best around to try out?

Casino gaming apps

One sector that has become very popular with people globally in recent years is online casino play. This allows you to experience the thrills and spills of casino games but from the comfort of your own home. Most internet casino sites also have great promotions, a huge range of games, and decent welcome bonuses to attract players.

As you would expect, this is a sector that makes full use of mobile app technology. All the major online operators will have an app you can download to play games easily from your tablet or smartphone. There are lots of apps you could choose from here from Fun Casino to Genesis Casino. To make it quicker and less hassle to select one, visit today to compare the best available.

Action and adventure apps

If you prefer to stick to pure video game apps, the action and adventure niche offers plenty of enjoyment. Apps in this niche offer immersive gameplay, lots going on, and interesting storylines to follow. They also usually have lots of action to keep players happy! One of the best apps here is Into the Dead 2, which is a zombie-apocalypse stunner. The aim of the game is to simply battle your way through the zombie hordes and survive. Free to download, it has decent visuals and hundreds of missions to complete along the way.

Sport apps

Of course, sport apps are always a popular niche for people to focus on. Sport is such a key part of society that it is no wonder that people like to play games based on it. The added bonus with these gaming apps is that you can play as your favourite team and do things you would never be able to in real life, such as lift the FIFA World Cup. If football is your game, then the PES 2019 app available on Android and iOS is a great choice. There are over 8,000 player animations packed in with authentic gameplay and cool goal celebrations. It also contains the Unreal Engine 4, which makes for fast-paced, intense matches.

Battle Royale gaming apps

One very big genre over the last couple of years for mobile apps has been battle royale. If you have ever played Fortnite, you will know how it all works! If not, it is pretty easy – you compete against other players to be the last one standing. Another really good app to try here is called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) mobile. The original PUBG was wildly popular on desktop and the mobile version is equally impressive. The action here is top-notch, as are the wide choice of guns, ammo and vehicles to use. This app also has very detailed graphics and sound, which all add to its appeal.

RPG game apps

If you really love geeking out when it comes to apps, why not grab some awesome RPG ones to check out? These are great apps to try if you love escaping to new lands and taking on the persona of a totally different character. One of the best apps in this genre is Star Traders: Frontiers. This adds sci-fi into the mix and sees you exploring the depths of outer space. Not only do you get to trade with aliens, but you also get to battle intergalactic pirates!  With the option to customise your ship and an involving storyline, this is a great app to try out.

Gaming apps are here to stay 

There is little doubt that gaming apps have made a big impact not only on how we enjoy ourselves but also how we play video or casino games. These handy pieces of mobile tech mean that we can enjoy our game of choice from wherever we are, whenever we like. Once downloaded onto our mobile device, they are always there in an instant when we need them.