How Much To Build Your Own Star Wars Universe?

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20 May 21

How Much To Build Your Own Star Wars Universe?

The sprawling universe of Star Wars has captured imaginations for decades, transporting people to a galaxy far, far away with desert spaceports, forest moons and even more fantastic landscapes.

With the recent unveiling of Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, taking a stroll through iconic Star Wars locations brought to life is that much closer to reality. The main problem being that securing tickets for the attraction can be incredibly difficult, especially for international travellers.

So, rather than spending your time visiting Galaxy’s Edge, why not invest that time and money into building your own Star Wars location you can enjoy forever? Thanks to analysis from VELUX window specialists, Burton Roofing, here’s how much it could cost to construct the iconic structures from the Star Wars universe.

The life of a moisture farmer

Looking at the affordable structures from the Star Wars universe, it might come as a surprise that the Lars Homestead can be yours in just 16 weeks for a relatively reasonable sum.

No longer limited to existence on Tatooine, Luke Skywalker’s childhood home is constructed from a combination of pourstone (essentially space concrete) and hard-packed soil. This keeps the costs down to around £93k, giving you a delightful sunny central courtyard, family-sized dining room, and 63 vaporators with which you can start your new career as a moisture farmer.

From here, you can imagine a life bullseying womp rats from your own T-16 or enjoying a nice cold glass of blue milk from the comfort of your own sand-igloo. All you need to get started is to buy a large enough plot of land to dig the necessary huge living hole and get the appropriate planning permission!


Travel the desert with Jawas

On the more expensive of the Star Wars structure spectrum, we have the Sandscrawler – home to Jawas and originally created by the Corellia Mining Corporation.

First seen in A New Hope on Tatooine ferrying the ‘acquired’ C3PO and R2-D2 combo to the Lars Homestead, and more recently in The Mandalorian after also ‘acquiring’ parts of his ship, this 18-metre tall transport can be yours for around £17m (although the Lego Sandcrawler is significantly cheaper).

With sleeping quarters, raised control room and an extendable gantry which could serve as a patio, think of this as a really big, fortified campervan which isn’t exactly road legal. Build costs were based on Burton Roofing scaling up the process of constructing a Challenger 2 tank, factoring in the greater volume of steel and metal plating for this deceptively cosy mobile scavenging fortress.

Make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs

If money is no object and you simply must have your own Millennium Falcon, then don’t worry – Burton Roofing has worked out the cost of that for you as well.

For any potential billionaires in the market for space travel who fancy constructing the fastest ship in the galaxy, you’d need the latest technology to rival SpaceX and Elon Musk – and it doesn’t come cheap. Sitting at around £604m for the construction alone, each launch would add an additional £108m to the running costs.

While you might imagine yourself as Earth’s answer to Han Solo with your pet as your own Chewie, for now it might be best to just stick with rewatching the films to experience the Star Wars life. If anything, decorating your room in Star Wars fashion with some VELUX windows to admire the stars might do in the interim.