The Most Memorable Scenes In Diamonds Are Forever

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04 Oct 21

The Most Memorable Scenes In Diamonds Are Forever (Source: 3 Brothers Film)

James Bond is probably one of the best-known movie spies in the world. 007, as he is often referred to, is an MI5 agent who travels across the world on various missions. The movie series that started back in 1962 is still going strong today. Based on the books written by Ian Fleming, the James Bond character is one that many young boys, including myself, aspired to be. The idea of being an international spy was exciting. Whether it was a James Bond Island movie or a James Bond Gambling movie, I was glued to the TV.

Diamonds are forever is a James Bond movie originally filmed in 1971, with Sean Connery playing James Bond, directed flawlessly by Guy Hamilton. Guy Hamilton was known for bringing movies to life and having some memorable scenes along the way. Here are some of the most memorable scenes in Diamonds are Forever.

The Lift Fight

In the film, Bond poses as Peter Franks, a diamond smuggler. He meets the real Peter Franks inside an elevator while Bond is on his way to meet Tiffany Case, one of Franks’ contacts. Now it’s a very odd situation if you meet the person you are currently pretending to be…luckily they weren’t wearing name tags! Bond cleverly pretends to be a German-speaking man when they cross paths. He takes off his watch and asks Franks where he is going. This is a classic 007 move, using some arbitrary question to break the silence and take the subject’s focus off of him.

On the way to the third floor, he starts a fight. Bond uses a fire extinguisher to spray Franks on the floor. It is creative, but it works! He then proceeds to hit Franks with the fire extinguisher, knocking Franks to the ground and causing him to plunge to his death.

Mr Wint, Mr Kidd and the Cruise Ship

Right near the end of the film, Bond and Tiffany Case relax on the decks of a cruise vessel. At this point, Peter Franks is thought to be dead and Ernest Blofeld believed to be alive. The audience is then shown a bomb hidden underneath a cake carried by two room service attendants. The attendants turn out to be Mr Kidd and Mr Wint, the two assassins who tried to kill Bond earlier in the movie.

Kidd and Wint try once more to kill 007, but Mr Kidd is set on fire. Mr Kidd then throws wine at Bond and jumps into the sea, engulfed by flames. Bond manages to attach the bomb to Mr Wint and toss him overboard. The bomb explodes upon impact and Bond pulls off yet another narrow escape.

This is one of the greatest fight scenes of the early Bond movies, showing 007’s quick thinking and reactions.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

The Blofeld’s meet Bond

“Good evening Mr Bond”  is the famous opening line said by one of the Blofelds. James Bond follows Ernst Stavro Blofeld, played by Charles Gray, to his secret facility where he produces clone robots that can change their voices. The “real”  Blofeld starts to explain his criminal enterprise as a second Blofeld walks down the stairs. Bond takes out the Blofeld-like robot, but, as we find out later, both Blofelds were fake.

James Bond continues his conversation with Blofeld no.1 in his cool and collected style, before leaving the facility with the audience on tenterhooks about what Bond has up his sleeves.

This scene was particularly memorable, as there were so many fake Blofelds that it got a little confusing. Luckily James Bond could find his way through.

The Craps Casino Scene

Who doesn’t like a secret Spy in a tuxedo, playing in a casino! James Bond at a casino is legendary on all standards. He popularized the Gin martini. Normally, Bond would be seen playing Poker in a sharp black-and-white tuxedo, but in Diamonds Are Forever James Bond is seen playing craps for the first and only time in the franchise. Craps is a game involving dice and is known as the most exciting casino game.

Bond poses as Peter Franks once again, and wins PS50,000 at the craps tables before taking bubbly Penny O’Toole back to his room in typical Bond fashion.

Source: Girls Do Film

Penny is then attacked by gang members and thrown out the window into the pool below. The scene ends with Bond meeting Tiffany Case to discuss how to retrieve the diamonds that Blofeld and Franks stole.

This scene is memorable because of classic James Bond at a casino moment, and also because he was playing craps instead of his usual poker.

The Coffin Scene

The coffin scene is perhaps the most iconic scene in Diamonds Are Forever. James Bond is put inside a coffin that Mr Kidd or Mr Wint have made ready for his cremation. Bond is forced to travel into the ovens and is engulfed by flames. Somehow Bond escapes, which might sound crazy if this was anyone else…but this is Bond we’re talking about!

Bond’s escape is not due to his intelligence or skill. He’s saved by Shady Trees, a diamond smuggler. Bond is able to escape and fights another day, in 19 more films.

James Bond or 007 is a true icon in the movie world. The international spy has inspired many games and movies in his time. As one of the longest running movie series in the history of film, James Bond Movies are truly legendary. Diamonds Are Forever is one of the best and definitely a movie you should have on your watch list!