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‘Superman & Lois’ Casts Michael Bishop As New Jonathan Kent

by Dave Elliott

‘Superman & Lois’ Casts Michael Bishop As New Jonathan Kent

The CW has found its new “Jonathan Kent” for Superman & Lois, as it is announced that Australian actor Michael Bishop will take over the role after the sudden departure of Jordan Elsass.

The series follows The Man of Steel aka Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin, “Teen Wolf”) and comic books’ most famous journalist, Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch, “Grimm”), as they come face to face with one of their greatest challenges ever – dealing with all the stress, pressures and complexities that come with being working parents in today’s society. Complicating the already daunting job of raising two boys, Clark and Lois must also concern themselves with whether or not their sons Jonathan (Michael Bishop) and Jordan (Alexander Garfin, “The Peanuts Movie”) have inherited their father’s Kryptonian superpowers as they grow older.

Last month it was revealed that Jordan Elsass, who had played the character of Jonathan Kent in the first two seasons would not be returning to the show for personal reasons. Sources at the show did confirm it was Elsass’ decision to leave, was a private matter and not at all related to any workplace issues. Whilst Jordan hasn’t formally commented on his exit from the series, he had been struggling with mental health issues for the last few years. In a Cameo video to a fan, he does seem to imply that was the reason he decided to step away.

“It’s sad, it’s a real shame. I know that I was pumped for Season 3, for sure, but what are you going to do? Anyway, mental health is definitely 100% priority,” Elsass said in the recording. “It’s pinnacle. It’s got to take precedence. And mine has been … the last couple of years … it’s been rough. I need some time to myself. I’m still debating whether I’m even going to act for a while. I may go in a different direction. I know that’s definitely going to be disappointing to some people.”

He is of course, completely correct, and the fact he reconised the importance of looking after his mental health is a great step. We hope he finds a way to a better mental state and can get to a place where he moves forward in whatever he wants to do next. And if any of you out there reading this are struggling at the moment, there is help. Organisations such as The Samaritans, Mind, and CALM are great places to start. You are not alone.

Michael Bishop, who steps into the role of Jonathan, landed his big American break playing “Max” in the Disney film ‘Spin’. Prior to that, he starred in the Australian fantasy drama ‘Grace Beside Me’. He joins Hoechlin, Tulloch and Garfin to complete the Kent family once again, alongside Dylan Walsh as Sam Lane, Erik Valdez as Kyle Cushing, Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana Lang-Cushing, Sofia Hasmik as Chrissy Beppo, Wolé Parks as John Henry Irons and Tayler Buck as Natalie Lane Irons.

Superman & Lois‘ Season 2 is currently airing on BBC One with all episodes on iPlayer in the UK. The drama is due to return for Season 3 on The CW in the USA in 2023. If you want to keep track of this or any other show, you can add them via our Never Miss system, and you’ll be notified when they get a UK premiere date.

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