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Revisit the Classic Adventure: “The Last Starfighter” Remake Sparks Excitement

by Jason Smith

Revisit the Classic Adventure: “The Last Starfighter” Remake Sparks Excitement

Geeks, like any other group of people, have diverse tastes in movies. Yet, we tend to enjoy movies with imaginative and thought-provoking plots, such as science fiction, fantasy, and dystopian stories. We also appreciate films that deal with complex concepts, such as time travel, alternate realities, and artificial intelligence. Many of us enjoy stories that delve into the human experience, especially those that explore themes such as identity, morality, and the nature of existence. Additionally, we appreciate movies that offer a fresh take on familiar genres, such as horror, comedy, or action, and that have well-developed characters and a strong narrative.

For these reasons, it’s about time we saw a sequel, reboot, revival, or reimagining of the 80s classic “The Last Starfighter”.

Aeons Ago

For those that haven’t viewed Nick Castle’s 1984 space opera movie for a while, a quick recap of why it was such a geek favourite. Alex Rogan (Lance Guest) lives with his mother, and younger brother in a trailer park and feels that life is pointless. So, a protagonist we geeks can get behind.

Alex’s only real source of entertainment is an arcade game named “Starfighter,” in which the player protects “the Frontier” against Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada in a galactic conflict. These days, we aren’t limited to just one game as our entertainment like Alex was, and you can find new online casinos reviewed and listed here with a huge collection of games for all tastes. Each platform offers hundreds of slot games following varied themes, opening up a world far removed from Alex’s for those who choose to indulge.

However, Starfighter isn’t about winning progressive jackpots at Slotnite or Conquestador Casino, but a sophisticated hiring tool that serves as a test to identify candidates “with the gift”. As the holder of the high score in the game, Alex is basically abducted by the game’s creator Centauri and is plunged into the actual combat between the Rylan Star League and the Ko-Dan Empire as the gunner on a Starfighter spacecraft called the Gunstar. That’s the essence of the movie without revealing the ending, but why is it worth a rewatch and a reboot?

A New Starfighter

Discovering that your game-playing abilities can be transferred to make you a person of consequence in an alien world is the stuff of geek dreams and a young man who is recruited to become a space warrior to save the galaxy is an enduringly popular narrative. For those of us who grew up in the 80s, there’s a big hit of nostalgia and many will enjoy watching it as a reminder of their childhood. For those that haven’t experienced the movie, “The Last Starfighter” was groundbreaking in its use of computer graphics, which were cutting-edge at the time and it’s fascinating to see how the special effects still hold up today.

So why is there no sequel? Although it was lucrative, it wasn’t a big box office success. Nevertheless, it has gained a lot of fans since then, and they have been calling for a sequel for a long time. Years ago, there were rights concerns that prevented a sequel, but those have since been settled, and it is generally believed that movie studios shunned large-scale projects without intellectual properties from well-known brands.

“The Last Starfighter” sequel or reboot speculations have been circulating among fans for a while. Even the possibility of a TV series based on the film was mentioned. The likelihood of a sequel has decreased recently, but many still hold hope and a concept reel was even produced (above).

How do you feel? Is there going to be a sequel to “The Last Starfighter”, or is this just wishful thinking? Would you prefer a reboot or a sequel?

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