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Top 5 Movies to Gain Inspiration for Your Essay

by Dave Elliott

Top 5 Movies to Gain Inspiration for Your Essay

When you are studying, you always need inspiration. This is one of the most important feelings to have because, without it, it’s hard to imagine the process of studying. You could ask why, and the answer would be very simple. Essays! Maybe it’s impossible to predict how many of them each student writes annually and during all years spent at university or in college. Without inspiration, it would be impossible to do all your tasks yourself. Of course, some students that lost their muse or those who think it is a waste of time are looking for some ways of helping with essay writing and, instead of doing the work by themselves, hiring some writing services. Of course, it is a way out, but in our opinion, a short-term way of solving the problem with essays. First of all, because it is not the cheapest option, if you look through any essay writing service review, you will understand that if you want a high-quality essay written instead of you, you have to be ready to pay a considerable sum of money, depending on the instructions you give. Of course, it’s worth it, and if you can afford it, it’s a nice option for you to get more free time that you can, for example, spend on some additional practical lessons.

But sometimes, even after reading, for example, a perfect recent speedypaper review, students might want to do everything by themselves. And it is a very good decision as well because it gives you a great experience of coping with challenging tasks, usually in the conditions of limited time. This experience will help you in the future, especially if you want to connect your life with writing and becoming a journalist or maybe a content writer. But with the decision to do something by ourselves comes the necessity to find inspiration. It might seem difficult, but you can read a lot of articles online with some productivity tips that will be very helpful for you as a writer. One of the best tips, in my opinion, is that in order to create something, you have to be inspired by some other piece of art. So, if you feel stuck, you can go to the museum and enjoy the beautiful paintings of some talented artists, you can listen to music, or you can watch movies. Watching movies is one of the greatest ways because you can relax, receive some positive emotions and at the same time gain some inspiration to write your own masterpiece. Of course, not all movies can be very inspiring; that is why we tried to make a list of some movies that, in our opinion, can help gain inspiration. So, read the article, choose the movie, and write the greatest essay ever!

Good Will Hunting

The first movie we can recommend to watch is Good Will Hunting, with Matt Damon and Robin Williams as the leading actors. The movie tells us about the life of a young mathematical genius who has a difficult past and is a kind of daredevil who can break the law or get into a fight. The film basically shows us that anyone can achieve anything in their life; the only thing you need for that is your wish to do it. The great thing about this movie is not only the plot but the story of its creation because Matt Damon and Ben Affleck wrote the scenery by themselves and spent some time looking for a studio that would believe in them. It took them time, but the thing is that they won an Oscar for it.

The Breakfast Club

Oldy but a great one! The movie tells us about five students who got into a detention class on Saturday morning. They all are from different social layers; they all know about each other only through rumours and, at first, are a bit prejudiced about each other. But with the flow of time, they get to know each other and understand that they have more in common than they expected. It’s a great movie to show how easily stereotypes can be formed and ruined at the same time and that it is very shallow if you judge people by what others say about them instead of getting to know them.

Take the Lead

A really beautiful movie from the visual point of view, Take the Lead as well reveals important social topics, showing the viewers how important it is to follow your dreams and that your social status is not that important when you are hardworking and persistent.

The Theory of Everything

Based on a real story, the movie tells us about Stephen Hawking, who got a serious motor neuron disease while studying in college. But even though starting from that time, his life has changed forever; the movie shows that if you are a fighter, you can achieve anything, even struggling with an illness that cannot be cured.

Harry Potter movies

All movies are great and inspiring; they show teenagers and young people that having good friends can help you fight even the greatest evil in the world. And once again, the story of the author can also be very inspirational, showing that you have to believe in yourself and you will reach success.

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