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8 TV Shows That Will Inspire Your Home Decor

by Dave Elliott

8 TV Shows That Will Inspire Your Home Decor

Television shows offer a glimpse into different worlds, times, and aesthetics. While the storylines keep us engaged, the set designs make a strong visual impact. Many popular shows feature unique and creative home decors that can serve as inspiration for our own living spaces. Here are eight TV shows with standout set designs that will spark ideas for your home decor.

1. Mad Men

This 1960s-era drama features plenty of mid-century modern design elements that are still popular today. The sleek furniture, art deco posters, and accent details bring together a chic and sophisticated look. Don Draper’s minimally decorated bachelor pad highlights masculine designs like leather and dark woods, while Betty Draper’s floral wallpapers and ornate furnishings create a more traditional femininity. Take inspiration from the bold patterns, striking silhouettes, and allure of the era. Incorporate accent chairs, bar carts, or graphic prints to add some Mad Men flair.

2. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This comedy highlights 1950s upper class New York living. Mid-century modern shapes, pastel hues, and ornate gold accents come together to portray a life of luxury. The small but lavish apartments boast clever spatial design. And the nightclub sets dazzle with Art Deco inspiration. Achieve the Maisel look with vibrant paint colours, custom moulding, and ornate lighting fixtures. Use patterns and textures like faux fur, velvet, or glossy lacquered furniture. The key is pairing bold choices with clean lines for visual interest.

3. Friends

This sitcom apartment is many viewers’ first inspiration for their own starter home. The mismatched thrift store furniture highlights Rachel and Monica’s quirky personalities. And the purple walls, brick accents, and oversized artwork started trends. Joey and Chandler’s bachelor pad features entertainment systems, recliners, and foosball tables for the ultimate man cave. Use your space to showcase your hobbies and interests like the Friends cast. Bring in comfy seating, fun wall art, and lots of personality.

4. Frasier

Frasier’s Seattle apartment features sleek mid-century lines along with embellished European influences. Antique-inspired carved wood furniture and ornamental rugs offer classic elegance, while the bold colours, patterns, and modern shapes create fun contrasts. The overall effect walks the line between sophisticated and whimsical. Emulate this look by pairing antique finds with modern silhouettes and playful art. Use tone-on-tone patterns like stripes and florals. And don’t be afraid to mix metals like silver, bronze, and brass.

5. The Big Bang Theory

The apartments occupied by this group of genius misfits show how to add nerdy personality to decor. Leonard and Sheldon’s shared living room highlights their academic and scientific interests. Figurines, schematic wall art, Star Trek posters, and a life-size TARDIS model fill the space. Consider displaying favourite books, collectibles, or fandom merchandise. Use conversation piece decor like vintage lab equipment, telescopes, or mineral samples to showcase your interests.

6. That 70s Show

Groovy patterns and earthy tones define the 70s aesthetic. Wood panelling, beaded curtains, and floral upholstery create a funky retro vibe in the Forman’s basement. Incorporate art pieces like macrame wall hangings or psychedelic prints. Harvest gold appliances, orange and avocado green colour schemes, and shag carpeting can also achieve this look. Use lava lamps, tie-dye accents, or a retro radio to complete the throwback decor.

7. Downton Abbey

The British period drama depicts the lives of early 20th century aristocracy. The ornate manor furnishings demonstrate traditional décor at its finest. Deep wood finishes, carved details, and lush upholstered furniture fill the stately spaces. Crystal chandeliers, grand fireplaces, and expansive wall coverings complete the elegant settings. While most of us don’t live in grand estates, incorporating touches of English countryside style adds refinement. Floral chintz fabrics, antique rugs, candelabra lighting, and porcelain collectibles bring in traditional sophistication.

8. The Golden Girls

This classic sitcom features the interior design trends of the 1980s. Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia fill their Miami home with bright, tropical patterns and playful pastel furnishing. Wicker furniture, palm leaf prints, and floral accents evoke a vacation aesthetic. Incorporate rattan chairs, embroidered pillows, and painted botanical art prints. Also use vintage-inspired wallpapers, stained glass lamps, and dainty porcelain knick-knacks to recreate the Golden Girls look. The result is a light-hearted, feminine interior with nostalgic appeal.

The unique home decor featured in popular TV shows provides ample inspiration for designing our own spaces. Whether you prefer mid-century glamour, traditional opulence, or quirky personality, these sets demonstrate how to craft a distinct look. Choose some key furniture pieces, accent details, artwork, and textures to create a space reflective of you. Then relax and enjoy your new customised home environment.

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