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Is Call of the Wild: Angler Reeling People Back to Fishing Games?

by Dave Elliott

Call of the Wild: Angler is the latest release from Expansive Worlds. It comes after their game Hunter: Call of the Wild, which transports players to a virtual nature reserve where they can track and hunt a range of wild animals under realistic conditions. The Angler fishing game is also home to explorable nature reserves that are based on real locations across the world. The game also dials in the very idea of going on a fishing trip, rather than putting the focus on catching the biggest fish.

Fishing Games are Rising in Popularity

Fishing games have been around for quite some time. One prime example of a popular fishing game would be the Fishin Frenzy slot. The game was developed by Reel Time Gaming, with the first Fishin’ Frenzy game beginning as a slot machine in brick-and-mortar casinos. Since then, popularity has caused the game to move online. The meteoric rise in fishing games is partially down to their graphics which are now far more realistic. For games that depend on realism, this is a game-changer. Games like the Angler focus on this too, with each catch ranked into different categories.

You can also team up with friends and explore the environment, finding out where those Diamond and Legendary pikes are while using the right bait. The emotions and feelings that come with real-life fishing are represented well in the game, to the point where people are now flooding to play The Angler from a range of devices.

The Angler Puts a Focus on Realism

The Angler currently has three different nature reserves to fish at, with each one including a number of hidden fishing spots. The reserves include Golden Ridge, which is heavily inspired by the Yellowstone National Park. You also have the Trollsporet Nature Reserve, set in Norway, and Aquas Claras, in Spain. As the months go by, new reserves are set to be released, with the latest one being in a South African reserve.

The development team has fleshed out several worlds, making sure that each one contains the real history of the region they represent. The developers also wanted to make the game fun. They have even added Bigfoot to the reserve, so players had something to hunt down as they made their way between fishing spots. What makes the games successful is that you can cast all day. You can also explore and work at your own pace, finding collectables and taking in the open world.

The Angler is taking fishing games to the next level and it is helping people rediscover the arcade-like games that they once loved. It’s exciting to see fishing games coming back. As new tech comes onto the market, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a resurgence in fishing rod controllers either, especially if the game ends up being as successful as Hunter: Call of the Wild.

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