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Interview: ‘Orphan Black: Echoes’ Creator/Showrunner Anna Fishko

Geektown Behind The Scenes Podcast 71

by Dave Elliott

Welcome to a new Geektown Behind The Scenes podcast. This week I’m chatting with Anna Fishko, creator and showrunner of Orphan Black: Echoes, the highly anticipated follow-up to the brilliant sci-fi ‘Orphan Black’, which has just landed in the UK on ITVX.

The series stars Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones, Breaking Bad) as Lucy, who woke up two years ago in a strange room with no memory of who she is or where she came from and she’s been running ever since. That is, until her past finally catches up with her and she’s faced with the reality that she was created in a lab, and those who had a hand in making her want her dead…

There’s a stellar cast that includes Keeley Hawes (The Bodyguard, The Durrells, Line of Duty), Avan Jogia (Zombieland), James Hiroyuki Liao (Barry), Rya Kihlstedt (Superman & Lois) and Amanda Fix (High School).

Prior to developing ‘Orphan Black: Echoes’, Anna worked as writer and producer on Netflix’s brilliant drama ‘Pieces of Her’, along with their YA drama ‘The Society’, AMC’s ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, and many other series. This was her first time stepping into the role of creator and showrunner.

All five seasons of the originalOrphan Black, and the 10-episode first season of Orphan Black: Echoes are available right now on ITVX in the UK, and ‘Orphan Black: Echoes’ comes to AMC+ in the USA on June 23, 2024.

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