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Social Media for Gamers: Strategies to Grow Your Audience

by Dave Elliott

If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably beaten some challenging games. Think of growing a following on social media as a game, with many obstacles and challenges to finish. This article will serve as a guide to get as many followers as possible. For gamers aiming to boost their social media presence quickly, FollowZilla offers tailored services to enhance your digital footprint and engage more effectively with your audience.

  • What’s Your Niche?

You’ll find this advice for any account, but it’s true. Gaming is no longer a niche hobby. There are over 3 billion gamers in the world. If you say you’re a “Gamer,” you can’t go too far. Are you competitive? Do you love JRPGs? Are you strictly retro? Are you mostly a Nintendo gamer, or are you team PlayStation? Do you collect video games and want to give gamers ways to get good deals on retro games without breaking the bank?

A niche can help you get your audience. Even if you like a variety of gaming genres, you can find a niche somewhere. If you play games that everyone else is playing, what do you bring to the table that no one else does? Even if you feel like you’re not that different, there’s a good chance that you have a different perspective or style.

  • Post Gaming Hot Takes

Another way you can grow is through a bit of controversy. This is especially true if you’re trying to grow on platforms like Twitter (X) or YouTube, where hot takes are everywhere. Is there a game you dislike that others love, or vice versa? Let people know your opinions. Some people will agree, and others may flood your inbox with terrible messages. But either way, controversy sells. It can bring engagement, which is how you feed the algorithm.

  • Be Safe and Inclusive

Maybe you don’t want your personality to be about hot takes. The gaming community has a lot of toxicity, and some gamers want to be more inclusive. They want other gamers to join them and form a safe and welcoming community. If you’re like this, be sure to show that on your social media.

  • Upload Streaming Clips

Not every gaming account is going to centre around streaming. But if your social media account is trying to promote a Twitch channel, uploading some clips is a good idea. Not everyone wants to watch someone stream for hours to decide if they’re worth watching. You can upload clips on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or Twitch. You may show yourself getting a little angry at a game or discovering a cool glitch.

  • Try to Hop on New Games and Trends ASAP

Is there a hot new game coming out that is a good fit for your niche? If so, you may want to preorder the game and let your opinion be known! If you have a smaller personality, you may not have early access to a game, nor may you have time to play the game as early as possible, but try your best.

A good strategy is to play a new game with a smaller but dedicated audience. For example, you may review an indie title that may not be as popular as the latest AAA game.

Alternatively, you can look to trending gaming hashtags on social media. Sometimes, you may need to give your opinion about a game to be part of the trend, helping you to attract a great audience.

  • Collaborate With Other Gamers

Another way you can grow on social media is to collaborate with another gaming personality. Since many games allow you to play online, it’s simple to collaborate with another personality. Or, if you make video essays, you may have another personality pop-in for a cameo appearance. With that said, state your intentions to collaborate and have a deadline. Many gamers will promise to collaborate but then get a little busy.

  • Be Consistent

Consistency is a vital strategy for a gaming account. You’ll want to stream around the same time each day and keep your social media as updated as possible. Sometimes, this may come in the form of posting a calendar that shows when you are streaming or scheduling posts ahead of time.

Speaking of which, it’s also vital to know when your audience is active. Most social media websites will have an analytics page to tell you when your audience is the most active. If you stream, you may not be able to stream when your audience is the most active, but you may be able to come close.

  • Never Give Up

Think about the most complex challenges you’ve had as a gamer. You may have had to try many times to beat that Dark Souls boss. You had to play many times before becoming #1 in Fortnite. Few gamers beat the challenge on their first try, and the same applies to social media. As the algorithm is one tough boss, you will face many challenges as you try to grow your social media page.

If your current strategy is beating the algorithm, then great. But if you keep losing, it may be time to change your strategy. Remember, you’ll eventually win the algorithm and find the audience you are searching for.

  • Conclusion

These are several strategies that can help your gaming social media page succeed. Again, it can be challenging to reach the top, but if you consistently employ these strategies, you will gain a following.

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