Breakout Kings

Drama from the writers of Prison Break. To catch a group of escaped convicts, U.S. Marshals agree a deal with current prisoners to reduce their sentences by 1 month and a move to minimum-security for for each escapee they bring in.

Country of Origin: USA

UK TV Premiere Date

Latest/Next UK Season: 2 (Final Season)

Latest/Next UK TV Air Date: No exact date/time - January 2014

UK Channel: Netflix

Previous UK Premiere Dates

Season 1 – Universal – 11th April 2012  at 10pm

US TV Premiere Date [BETA]

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Latest/Next US Season:

Latest/Next US TV Air Date:

US Channel:

Previous US Premiere Dates


Final Season: 2



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Additional Airing Notes:

After being cancelled, the second season didn’t make it to broadcast here, and now both seasons are available on Netflix’s streaming service.