Whedon Returns for The Avengers 2 & A New TV Show!

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8 Aug 2012 | 4 Comments |

Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon

After many ‘humms’, ‘wells’, and ‘maybe we’ll see, i’m not sures’, Marvel have confirmed Joss Whedon will be back at the helm for The Avengers 2, due in cinemas June 2015!

Really, it’s a colossal no brainer for Marvel, given The Avengers – aka Avengers Assemble in the UK… (just incase the 1 person in the country that went expecting to see Patrick Macnee in a bowler hat should be bitterly disappointed…)  is still comfortably the highest grossing movie of 2012, even with the The Dark Knight Rises, erm… rising… up the chart… Oh, and it’s also the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time! Joss had previously made noises about not being sure, due to the workload, and not being able to tell his own story… Although I rather suspect that was pre-contract discussions… 😉

The Avengers TV Spinoff

The Avengers TV Spinoff

Even more exciting, Joss will also be returning to TV, with development of an as yet unnamed live action Marvel tv drama for ABC!

We know Marvel have a Hulk tv show in development for ABC, but it’s looking like this is going to be in addition to that. It’s unlikely to be a show centred around any of the main Avengers heroes from the movie.  According to Deadline, it’s a drama “set in the same universe” featuring some of the films themes and feel, but “the connection to the Avengers franchise would be light”. It’s still in the early stages of development, and there are lots of possible characters to pick from in the Marvel Universe.

I’m very happy Joss is back for the movie, but it’s the thought of Joss back developing TV that i’m really excited about! 😀

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4 Responses to “Whedon Returns for The Avengers 2 & A New TV Show!”

  1. Is it time for a new Buffy film or series yet Mr Whedon?

  2. Roger White says:

    I know what you mean Peter, it has been a great summer for blockbusters…even the new Spiderman wasn’t that bad!

  3. Peter Rimmer says:

    With both Batman and the Avengers coming out this year my inner super hero geek has been in heaven, and he hasn’t been disappointed either.

  4. Bethany says:

    I am sooooooooooo glad that he is coming back into the limelight … He is my inspiration for writing and he is my idol … I can’t wait 😀