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Doctor Who – Full Length Series 7 (Autumn 2012) Trailer!

by Dave Elliott

The Doctor is very close to returning to our screens in Doctor Who Series 7, and what a series it look like it’s going to be! Weeping Angels, giant robots, dinosaurs… and daleks… lots and lots of daleks…

They haven’t announced an air date yet, however, we know this season is 14 episodes, but split over 2012 & 2013 with the Christmas Special being episode 6. BFI are holding a preview screening on Tues 14th August, and that usually happens the week before transmission, making the air date likely to be the 18th of August.

Plus if you look at the dates – 5 episodes of Doctor Who, then 13 episodes of Merlin (which usually runs in the same slot as Doctor Who) takes you to 22nd Dec and Christmas weekend, when we’ll get the traditional Doctor Who Christmas Day episode.

Unless there’s some doubling up, 18th of August seems to fit in pretty well, but it’s not officially confirmed yet (so… still no date and it’s not the 18th… could be the 25th… could be the 1st Sept… can’t see it being later than that though!) .

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