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The Dark Knight : A Casting Round Up

by Dave Elliott

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Batman on Film has been posting a number of casting rumours recently regarding The Dark Knight, so heres a bit of a round up of things going on with the Batman Begins 2 casting.

First up, obviously Bale is back as Batman, Caine as Alfred, and Oldman as Gordon. No word on Morgan Freeman yet, but i think it’d be a shame if they couldn’t work him into the script somewhere! The villain in The Dark Knight is Joker, played by Heath Ledger with the possibility of Two Face coming as well (although its not clear if Harvey Dent’s transformation into the duel personalited psychopath will be held until a 3rd movie). Penguin was rumoured to also make an appearance, but that has now been denied. Two main bits of casting still to come seem to be:


Rachel Dawes – Katie Holmes is not returning as Rachel Dawes in the Batman sequel. However, the character is in the script, so they are looking to recast. Top name floating around for this at the moment seems to be Maggie Gyllenhaal who would seem to me to be a pretty good fit. Emily Blunt was also rumoured to be up for the role, but it’s looking like that’s now not the case.


Havey Dent – Sooo many names have been floated for this over the last few months (Josh Lucas, Guy Pearce, Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, John Cusak, Jamie Foxx, Ed Norton, and Ryan Phillippe to name a few!) The name currently at the top of the list though is Aaron Eckhart. Only seen him in a couple of films, but i’d say he’d work well and Dent and also as Two Face. When asked whether he was playing Dent recently Eckhart’s reply was “We’ll see”, which sounds to me very much like there are discussions going on somewhere… Other names that have been popping up recently are Jamie Foxx and Ryan Phillippe. Foxx would fit the fact that the producers were initially said to be looking for ‘a name’ for the role of Dent. I’d actually prefer it if they picked someone whos a bit more under the radar though. Phillippe has said he’d be up for the role if offered it, but hes also said to be planning on taking a break from work at the moment.

For more info on The Dark Night go visit Batman on Film.

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